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Herald Difficulty

Ignore this calculation. Didn’t know Kabam will not let us play all Difficulty. You can only enter one difficulty. 

August Side Quest is going to have some juice rewards that will certainly help you rank your champions and open a new star and some 5-stars. Let’s see how much hero crystal shards and catalysts shards you can collect.

We are only calculating 5-star shards, 6-star shards, Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Shards, and 5-star Signatures

Important Tips to Double Hero Crystal Shards or Catalysts Fragments

You get 1 Galactus’s Favor each day from the login calendar. You can save them all and use one day or use them daily. For example: If you don’t want Catalyst Fragments, just don’t use the Galactus’s Favor on the day when Catalyst Fragment is available as rewards. Save them and use them the next day. So the alternate day you can enter the quest twice.

6-star Hero Crystal Shards

Epic Difficulty 1,008
Herald Difficulty 5,040
Total 6,048

5-star Hero Crystal Shards

Master Difficulty 5,040
Epic Difficulty 11,060
Herald Difficulty 15,400
Total 31,500

4 -star Hero Crystal Shards

Heroic Difficulty 3.500
Master Difficulty 11,200
Total 14,700

Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments

Epic Difficulty 9,100
Herald Difficulty 22,400
Total 31,500

Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments

Epic Difficulty 36,400
Herald Difficulty 36,400
Total 72,800

5-Star Generic Signatures

Herald Difficulty 28

5-Star Signature Stone Crystal

Epic Difficulty 24
Herald Difficulty 28
Total 52

Where are the Tier 5 Class Catalysts?

Well, that can be collected completing solo objectives. This will only be available for Cavalier players.

If you are looking for other rewards or the complete list of rewards chart, here it is

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