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  • What is Buffet: every time attacker triggers a buff (including the one you get using dexterity), it is nullified and the Defender regenerates 15% of their max health. This effect can trigger only once every 7 seconds.
  • What is Power Snack: Just like Buffet, triggering a buff (including dexterity) causes the opponent to gain power. It has a cooldown of 7 seconds like Buffet.

Universal Way: Without using Specific Champion: You can use most of the Mystic and Science Champions (including some other classes to counter Buffet and Power Snack Nodes)

So What’s the trick? The trick is to use a champion that does not get buff. There are many champions that don’t get buff, e.g. Black Widow Claire Voyant, Void, Captain America (All Versions), Human Torch, Sentinel, Iron Man IW (Passive armor is okay), Domino, Gwenpool, Havok, and many more. Just take off dexterity and you can use any of those champions.

Let’s know about Proper Counters.

What are the Top Counters to Handle Power Snack and Buffet?

  • Thing: Thing’s Buff cannot be Nullified. So those nodes have no effect on him.
  • Civil Warrior: Just like Thing, Civil Warrior is also immune to Nullify effect.
  • Red Guardian: He doesn’t get any buff, not even from using dexterity.
  • Quake: She will ignore the node completely after 1 or 2 times it triggers as long as you can keep up with your Quaking.
  • Archangel (if fighting non-poison immune): Apply a couple of Neuro and he can shit down the node.
  • Magneto (If fighting Metal Defender on that node): 70% chance to make Power Snack Fail and opponent will never regenerate health on the Buffet node.
  • Hulk with Hulkbuster Synergy: Gain immunity to Nullify effect.
  • Void (Doesn’t work on Lionheart): Void can reverse Buffet healing and can stop Power gain on power snack node. However, Void won’t work on Buffet with Lionheart node.
  • Captain America IW with Tech Synergy (Doesn’t work on Lionheart): Just like Void Captain America IW can also apply petrify debuffs and can reverse healing and stop power gain. But, he also doesn’t work on the Lionheart node.
  • Mister Fantastic: Mister Fantastic has its different prefight ability that lets you apply petrify debuffs. So he is also great for Power Snack and Buffet node.
  • Angela (Max Sigs): Gain 25% Nullify Ability Accuracy each buff on her. She gets lots of buffs during the fight that easily can handle. However, a low signature Angela may struggle.
  • Storm Pyramid X with Sorcerer Supreme Synergy: Nullify Effect suffers -50% Ability Accuracy.
  • Colossus with White Magneto Synergy: Opponent suffers -65% Nullification and Stagger Ability Accuracy
  • Loki: When the opponent is cursed, Buffet or power snack will not trigger.
  • Hela with Loki or Thor Ragnarok Synergy: Nullify effects have a 35% chance to fail.
  • Mephisto: As long as an opponent has Sole Improsonment added, It will not let the node triggered.
  • Gwenpool: Reach 40+ hits in your combo and she will shut down everything.
  • Heal Blockers (Buffet Only): Use a champion that blocks healing, e.g. Warlock, Mysterio, Civil Warrior, and there are more, and you will do just fine on the Buffet node.

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