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Boss Rush Community’s Choice 2: All Champions Counter

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Boss Rush Community’s Choice 2 has just been released that an average player should be able to clear. There is just one path and it costs 1 energy each tile and it offers 10,000 five-star shards. Sounds like shit rewards compared to the last Boss Rush we played earlier with many paths. However, the reward is fair because Kabam brought the shit quest actually. Enough of complaining, let’s know what champions to use.

Boss 1: King Groot Counters

Difficulty: Limber, 60% chance to ignore the nullifying effect

Do you really need to know King Groot Counters? Just fight normally, and he should be down using any champ. So I am not gonna talk about it.

If you have Cull Obsidian, Ægon, etc.: Get the charge/combo, please.

Boss 2: Domino Counters

Difficulty: 1% permanent Regeneration, You cannot use Tech Champion

  • Void – Even 3-star would do

Void makes it super easy. Apply Petrify Debuff to reverse regen to degen and she would die. If you have just got the void and don’t know much about him, just spam Special 1 attack. You can even use 3-star Void because Domino is not duped and she would not cause damage even if any buff is failed to trigger.


  • Archangel

Apply Neuro debuff and it would stop the regen.

  • Domino with GHulk Synergy and better if you have Masacre too.

As usual, just parry and heavy and combine with Special 3. She should die in a minute.

  • Mephisto

Mephisto has a 100% chance to prevent all the buffs from triggering at the start of the fight, so Domino is not gonna regenerate any health. So you can take her down easily.

  • Captain Marvel (Movie)

I honestly have no idea how she works, because I never pulled even a 4-star version of her. But, just watched KTI taking him down easily. You can watch the video below.


Boss 3: Quake Counters

Difficulty: Spite, Aggresive Regeneration, Debuff Immune

There isn’t anything specific you really need for her. Use any Hard Hitter champion to kill her and always use a special attack when her aftershock scale is about to expire because when it expires it has % chance to cause stun and it increases by 100% when there is 10-aftershock scale passive on you.

Boss 4: Invisible Woman Counters

Difficulty: Damage overtime debuff makes her generate 300% more power if she is hit while the debuff is on her. The attacker generates 1 bar of power when she gets one and it is the only way to gain power.

Easy: It’s a life transfer node. So you degenerate 2% health permanently but regenerate 125% of the damage you cause to Invisible Woman.

You don’t need any special counter. Just fight normally and you should be good. Just keep an eye on her Invisibility passive and do not get caught by hitting her when she is invisible unless you have a champ that can bypass her invisibility.

Boss 5: Symbiote Supreme

This is where you get annoyed if you don’t have right champ.

Difficulty: Power Gain and 50% less power consumption on Special attacks

Symbiote Supreme starts the fight with over 2 bar of power and reaches the third one very quickly giving you just a couple of seconds to bait.

  • Gwenpool (duped)

Duped Gwenpool cannot die from Special attacks. So she is likely to one-shot if you can avoid triggering dexterity that gives you a critical damage buff.

  • Duped OG Vision

OG Vision starts the fight with almost a bar of power and he also gains power now and then during fight, so you can keep power-draining him. Here is a demo:

  • Spiderman (Stark-Enhanced)

Heavy attack drains power that gives stark little more time and he hits harder. Here is a quick video for the demo.

  • Duped Nick Fury

Nick regenerates the whole health after being dead once and gets furious and hits harder. So he can handle a few Special 3 and can get him. He may not one-shot if he is not a 5-star R5, but he can certainly do with 1 revive. Just use a little boost.

Boss 6: Taskmaster

Difficulty: Icarus and Empowered Immunity.

You have to use any hard hitter champion. As he know he gets immune to all debuffs after a few seconds of the fight, and once he is immune, you cannot Parry him, bleed him, and so on. If you try to do so, he will gain 33% of power because of the Empowered Immunity Node.

You must use heavy attack to get rid of all fury charges (that you get from parry, light, medium, and special attacks because of Icarus node) before they expire, else you will start degenerating health.

Domino (with or without Synergy)

The Red Hulk and Masacre synergy make the fight a cakewalk and 4 to 6 heavy will kill him. Even without the synergy, Domino can certainly get him Try not to parry at the start. Get your 5 hits combo first, parry, and then heavy. Keep repeating unless you are close to special 3 bar. Now finish the fight hit combo that will give you fury buffs and then use Special 3 attack that should be enough to end the fight if Domino is high-ranked, else you got to use a little boost or a revive maybe if needed.


2 to 3 heavy attack and then use 5 hits combo to get more fury from Icarus node and then use L2. If he is dead, good, else Parry and use heavy. Two Special-2 attacks should be enough to take him down.

Or Use any other hard hitter, there is nothing specific you need for him.

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