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Book 7 Act 1

All the summoners who are done with Act 6 have been waiting for Act 7 chapter. There won’t be Act 7 because Kabam will close the current book and start with a new one. So the new Story Quest will be known as Book 2 Act 1. Let’s know all the details:

When Will Book 2 (Act 7: Chapter 1) will be available to Explore?

December 2020

Yes, it was expected to be released quite early, but after receiving lots of bad feedback, Kabam had to reconsider. Now they are making lots of changes to make it better.

What about the Other Chapters of Book 2? When will the rest of the chapter go live?

  • Act 1: Chapter 1 – December 2020
  • Then every new chapter will be released in 6 months
  • So, if there are 4 Chapter in Book 2, it will take 18+ months to release the whole Book 2: Act 1 chapters.

Book 2: Act 7 Highlights

  • Paths will require less than 70 Energies.
  • Lesser Numbers of Paths.
  • Lesser Numbers of Nodes.
  • Lesser Numbers of Fights each path.
  • Multiple Final Bosses, so you don’t have to fight the same boss again and again. Each path will have a different boss.
  • Champions can be swiped (Just like Incursion – the champion switch location might differ, though).
  • Path Difficulties sign to tell which one is easier and Which is the hardest.
  • Path-Based Rewards (Like Act 6 already has – you get T2A on a path).
  • More counters to any specific champ (That lacked in case of The Champion Boss in 6.2).