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Black Widow Deadly Origin might not have many utilities, but the one she has is amazing. She is one of the best (if not the best) counter to those champions that go invisible. So whether you want to face Invisible Woman, Darkhawk, Mysterio, or any other opponent’s invisibility. She can do an amazing job.

What Makes Black Widow (Deadly Origin) Great to Face Invisibility?

  • Whenever opponent causes her to miss an attack, she gets a passive evade charge for 8 seconds. This evade charge has 100% chance to evade the next attack with a flashbang (pushes the opponent back).
  • Once evade is triggered, she applied Sabotage debuff on the opponent that reduces ability accuracy by 20%.
  • This feature doesn’t have any cooldown period. So whenever she misses, it will trigger again. It doesn’t matter if she misses 2 or more attacks in a row.

Sounds Impressive? Let’s Watch in Action.

3-star Back Widow vs 5-star R5 Darkhawk and Invisible Woman

So you can use her any of such champions, but just be careful and don’t get parried.