Black Bolt: From Meh to God?

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Black Both

Black Bolt has never been a popular champion among players. Most of the time he is used either for synergy or because of his Poison Immunity. When people almost Forgot Black Bolt, he just turned into God.

What does it mean when I say Black Bot has become a God?

All thanks to Hit Monkey Synergy and Some to Medusa.

Medusa Synergy: So here is what happened. Medusa makes all furies and cruelty buffs permanent that Black Bolt gains during a fight. Black Both Dupe Ability increases his attack as he gets Fury.

Black Bolt and Medusa Synergy
Black Bolt and Medusa Synergy

Hit Monkey Synergy: Each buff on Black Bolt gives him +300 increased Critical Rating. This is what makes him a hero from zero.

Black Bolt and Hit Monkey Synergy
Black Bolt and Hit Monkey Synergy

Let’s Watch in Action

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