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moon knight

Moon Knight in Act 6.1.1 is very annoying because of the evade. Random evade is included in its basic ability, but the node gives him an additional 50% ability to evade all attacks. So he is likely to evade most of the attack. you may feel that he evades more than the Classic Spiderman.

How to Fight Moon Knight in Act 6.1.1? What are the Best counters


Iceman is the best counter to stop Moon Knight’s evade completely. If Duped (Awaken), the fight starts with Cold Snap debuff on the opponent. As long as Coldsnap Debuff is active, the opponent cannot evade. You can refresh Coldsnap with Special 1 Attack. Please note that, if Coldsnap gets removed before you use Special 1, make sure you Parry him before you use Special 1 Attack. If Not Duped, You have parry and get 3 hit combo until you have 1 power bar ready. Then, parry and use special 1 to apply Coldsnap debuff.


Quake Makes such fights very easy as you don’t even need to attack him. If you are good with Quake, she can easily get him.


Parry and heavy a couple of times until Neurotoxin debuff is applied. Once it is applied, it will shut down the evade.

Iron Man Infinity War

The basic Ability Without Synergy: First Medium hit, Second Light Attack, Fourth Light Attack, and First Heavy Hit doesn’t make physical contact, so the opponent cannot evade.

The Synergy with Punisher 2099 or Spidey Stark or Black Widow: 35% less likely to evade.

So if you use Iron Man Infinity War even without Synergy, You can get 4 hits combo after each parry. 3 hits are possible during the stun and 4th light hit cannot be evaded anyway. If you intercept a dash attack, start with Medium get second light hit and then stop or parry him.

Don’t have any of the Above Mentioned Champ?

Thanks to Kabam, he is not stun-immune. Parry him, get 3 hits combo Or Parry him and use one heavy. Do whatever you prefer and it also depends on what champions you have. If you have Captain America IW or Archangel, you will surely want to parry and heavy.