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The Champion's clash
Image: Dork’s Lesson

Kabam brought a new even quest yesterday “The Champion’s Clash” and it includes 5 champions in each path: Magik, Hyperion, Iceman, Void, and Corvus Glaive. The first chapter allows doing one path each run (you can do all if you want), but you have to do second chapter in one run. There are 6 paths and all the 6 paths have same champion. Every next path is harder than the previous one. The main pain here are Magik, Hyperion, Iceman, and Void, rather all of them are painful except Corvus. He doesn’t bother much. So let’s know how to fight them.

10 second Straight Stun will Kill the champ instantly in the Champion’s Clash Event

Do you know a champion that can cause 10 seconds contineous Stun?  Well, it’s Punisher 2099. Here is how it works;

  • Punisher’s heavy attack cause Stun for 1.5 seconds and if you have Stupefy master maxed out (found under Proficiencies tab), then it will add 0.5 seconds that makes 2 seconds of stun.
  • Each heavy attack costs 15 battery charges and if you have less than 15 charges, then it will not cause stun.
  • You got to stack at least 90 battery charges and then push the opponent to corner first and then use parry and heavy. Use heavy 6 times and the champion will be dead.
  • How Battery Charge works: Punisher 2099 starts the fight with 25 charges if not duped (If duped depends on signature I think), every 5 seconds battery is charged, using Special attack 1 recharges battery by 16%. If you are using Thor, then the battery charge consumed by first heavy attack will be replaced automatically and you will need only 75 charges for 10 seconds straight stun. Do not use Special attack 3 and Special attack 2 as it will drain the charges.

Punisher 2099 vs Magik (10 Seconds Straight Stun Knock Out)

Best Counter to Magik

  • Blade
  • Hulk Ragnarok
  • Archangel (No Limbo after Neuro is applied)
  • Massacre (L1 causes ability reduction, combine it with Ignited and Magik is not likely to trigger Limbo)
  • Gwenpool and Magik (Need high rank and use L2 to Lock Power and keep refreshing)

Best Counter to Iceman

These Champions are not affected by Iceman’s Coldsnap

  • Sabretooth
  • Mephisto
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Emma Frost (When in Diamond Form)
  • Iron Man Infinity War (When armor is up, always immune at the start and you are good as long as you don’t get caught)

Best Counter to Void

  • Blade with Ghost Rider Synergy
  • Archangel (needs to apply Neuro: Use heavy attack and L2 for best result)
  • Quake (Concussion debuff needs to be applied)
  • Use a champ that shrugs off debuffs: e.g. Agent Venom, Kingpin,

All champion can purify debuff every 10 hits. Use these for best result

  • Hyperion: Heavy and L2 are the key
  • Drax: First Medium attack hits twice that means if you start with a medium you get 6 hits each combo.
  • Medusa: always use L2

Best Counter to Hyperion

  • Void (duped) – Once 2 petrify debuffs are applied, power lock is permanent
  • Magik – Lock Power Special 2 attack
  • Hawkeye – Drain Power with L1
  • Psylocke – L1 steals power
  • Vision – Drains Power