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Else Bloodstone is the featured champion that can be won via scoring high in the arena.

Who can get Elsa Bloodstone?

She is available in 3 different kinds of arenas. You can get a 3-star, 4-star, or 5-star Elsa Bloodstone depending on which arena you are doing.

  • Top 150 Summoners: 5-star Elsa Bloodstone
  • Top 800 Summoners: 4-star Elsa Bloodstone
  • Top 10% Summoners: 3-star Elsa Bloodstone

When the Arena Will Start?

  • Round 1 Started on October 3
  • Round 2 will start on October 7

Elsa Bloodstone Round 1 Result is out

Elsablood stone arena
Image: MCOC Trucos

Round 2 Arena Cutoff Prediction

  • 5-star Elsa Bloodstone: Around 50-million
  • 4-star Else Bloodstone: Around 12-million

Please understand that above mentioned scores are just a prediction/guess. Do not take them for granted. The cutoff completely depends on the summoners’ interest and may have a little or great difference.