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Venompool is the worst boss you will find in Back Issue #8, but what makes him very annoying. Here are the reasons:

  • He has a permanent 1% healing applied on it.
  • You can only use #mercenary, Deadpool (including X-Force version), Goldpool, Platinumpool, Masacre, Gwenpool, and Venompool.
  • He has a 100% Chance to purify all incoming debuffs (including heal block). Yondu is mercenary and apply heal block with Special 1, but No, it won’t work if you are thinking about him. He purifies even heal block debuff. Void won’t as well.
  • Whenever a debuff is applied, he instead gain a snack charge. If you manage to apply 10 or more snack charges, he will receive a passive 10% degenration, but that’s not enough to get him down because of permanent 1% regeneration.

What are the top counters or How to Defeat Variant #8 (Back Issue #8) Chapter 3.2 Venompool Boss?

Use Apocalypse with Mister Fantastic Synergy

Apocalypse Debuffs cannot be purified, so he can apply many to reverse healing with the help of Dispair Mastery.

Things you should know:

  • Even a 4-star Apocalypse will work, but you have to use great amount of boost to keep his health as this requires lots of parries.
  • Must have Dispair Mastery maxed out to kill faster.
  • Must use Mister Fantastic’s Petrify Debuff. I would suggest to apply all to make this fight quick.
  • If you die, you will still have 1 prefight to use, then just apply Petrify, but now it will take time to reverse healing and will only work if Dispair is maxed. Keep spamming Heavy, then use L1, keep spamming heavy, then use L1, and then keep spamming heavy until he dies. If you die again, restart the quest.

Yellow Jacket With Synergy (Mentioned Below)

You must have 3 points added to Dispair Mastery.

  • White Magneto – To apply passive stun, or you will get cornered.
  • Revolution Need Arms Synergy: Can use one of these: Killmonger, Magneto, Mole-Man, or Storm (Pyramid X)

Why Yellowjacket?: Each Core Charge decreases regeneration potency by 1%. When you reach the overheat point, do not hit him or let him use special. Just stay close and keep parrying.


If you don’t have Apocalypse or Mister Fantastic, another option is Venompool, but you need a highly ranked and crazy boost. You must not have Suicide on. Venompool’s Special 1 can nullify his healing buff, so you have to keep spamming Special 1.

Sabretooth With Killmonger Synergy (Just for 1 Run)

  • Take the path that has Science Deadpool and Use Sabretooth to Defeat it. This will let you apply poison debuff on Venompool.
  • Killmonger Synergy will prevent Debuff Purification
  • You must have Despair Mastery maxed out
  • If you want to build more fury out of his base ability, also use Sasquatch Synergy