Alliance War Defense and Attacker Tactics and list of Benefited Champions

AW Defender Tactics / Attacker Tactics and Defenders / Attackers that Would Get Benefit (Season 21)

Available for Tier 1 to 5 alliances only.

An Alliance can select a defender Tactic while starting the AW Placement Phase.

How will Attackers select Attacker Tactics?

It cannot be selected manually. Attacker tactics will be auto-applied depending on what Defensive Tactics the opponent team has used.

Type of Defender and Attackers Tactics, their buffs, and the list of defenders/attackers to get benefit from them.

1. Flow:

Defense Tactic

Critical Strikes against #Control Defenders grant Power Gain Buff, causing them to gain [X%] of their Max Power over [Y] seconds. Well-timed block remove that power gain buff even on stun immune node.

Attacker Tactic

Last hit of heavy attack from #Control Attackers’ reduces the power gain effect by 35% for 15 seconds that can stack up to 3 times.

List of champions that can benefit from Flow Tactic

Air Walker Black Widow CV Doctor Octopus
Doctor Strange Doctor Voodoo Dormammu
Diablo Falcon Ghost
Ghost Rider Guillotine Guillotine 2099
Heimdall Howard the Duck Loki
Magik Iron Man IW Mister Sinister
Mojo Mordo Professor X
Psylocke Punisher 2099 Red Skull
Rogue Ronan Scarlet Witch
Spiderman (MM) Symbiote Supreme  Taskmaster
Terrax The Hood Venompool
Vision (Both) Vulture Warlock

2. Stubborn:

Defense Tactic

When #Defensive Defenders evade or dodge an attack or it misses an attack, they gain 1 indestructible passive (cannot be nullified).

Attacker Tactic

#Defensive Attackers’ well-timed block grants them a destructive charge. When a defensive attacker evade a defensive defender’s attack, the destructive feedback will be consumed and defender won’t get indestructible. Dodging a special attack will consume destructive feedback and will not let defender gain indestructible for the duration of special attack.

Note: If you don’t have any Destructive Charge or not using a Defensive Attacker, you will still need to perform well-timed block, or block an attack, or get hit to get rid of defender’s indestructible charge.

List of champions that can benefit from Stubborn Tactic

Apocalypse Abomination Ant-Man
Black Panther CW Blade Captain America
Captain America WWII Captain America IW Civil Warrior
Colossus Darkhawk Deadpool
Doctor Doom Dragon Man Ebony Maw
Emma Frost Goldpool Groot
Hulk Hulkbuster Hyperion
Invisible Woman Iron Man (OG) Iron Patriot
Joe Fixit Juggernaut Kang
Killmonger Korg Luke Cage
MODOK Man-Thing Minster Fantastic
Mole-Man Nick Fury Nightcrawler
Nova Proxima Midnight Rhino
Sasquatch Sentinel Sorcerer Supreme
Spider Gwen Spiderman (OG) Spiderman (Stark)
Spiderman (Symbiote) Superior Iron-Man Thanos
The Champion Thing Thor Ragnarok
(Both Version)
Unst. Colossus Venom
Vision (Aarkus) Void Wolverine

3. Protect:

Defense Tactic

If attacker deals more than 300% of their base attack in a single hit to #Size: L or #Size XL Defenders, a protection shield is granted to the defender reducing all incoming damage taken by 10/20/30 percent. It stacks up to 4. Intercepting an attack removes 2 stacks.

Attacker Tactic

#Size: L or #Size XL Attackers removes the protection from Size L and Size XL defenders when then knock them down.

List of champions that can benefit from Protect Tactic

Apocalypse Abomination Air Walker
Beast Bishop Cable
Colossus Crossbones Cull Obsidian
Dormammu Drax Dragon Man
Groot Heimdall Howard the Duck
Hulk Hulk Ragnarok Hulkbuster
Hyperion Joe Fixit Juggernaut
King Groot Kingpin Korg
Luke Cage MODOK Man-Thing
Mister Sinister Mojo Mole Man
Morningstar Omega Red Red Hulk
Rhino Ronan Sabretooth
Sasquatch Sentinel She-Hulk
Terrax Thanos The Champion
Thing Thor Thor Ragnarok
Ultron Unst. Colossus Venom
Venom the Duck Venompool Warlock

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