Alliance War Defender Tactics and list of Benefited Champions

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AW Defender Tactics and Defenders that Would Get Benefit

Available for Tier 1 to 5 alliances only.

Alliance War Defender Tactics is the new thing that Kabam Added After AW Season 10. So you should expect it to remain in season 11. when it starts by the end of July.

An Alliance can select a defender Tactic while starting the AW Placement Phase. If any defender Tactic is not selected, it will be applied at a random by Kabam (AI).

Type of Defender Tactics, their buffs, and the list of defenders to get benefit from them.

1. Crush:

X-Men and Mercenary Defenders’ attack have a % chance to be Unblockable, and then grant a Fury increasing Attack equal to % of their Base Attack for 5 seconds. These abilities can’t be affected with Ability Accuracy, however the Unblockable won’t trigger on Well Timed Blocks, or while the Fury is active

List of champions that can benefit from Crush Tactic

Black WidowBlack Widow (Deadly Origin)Cable
ColossusCyclops (both)Deadpool (All Versions)
DominoElectraEmma Frost
KarnakLongshotLuke Cage
MagikMagneto (both)Massacre
Moon KnightNamorNebula
NightcrawlerOld-Man LoganPhoenix
StormStorm (Pyramid X)Sunspot
Unst. ColossusWolverineWolverine (Weapon X)
Wolverine X-23Winter SoldierYondu

2. Dodge:

Small Size (Size: S) Defenders have a % change to evade incoming attacks. Whenever a Size: S defender evades an attack, they gain % of a bar of power.

List of champions that can benefit from Dodge Tactic

AngelaBlack Widow (All 3 Versions)Captain Marvel (Both)
Elsa BloodstoneEmma FrostGamora
GhostGuillotine (Both)Gwenpool
HelaInvisible WomanIron Fist (both)
MagikMedusaMs. Marvel
Kamala KhanNebulaPhoenix
Proxima MidnightPsylockeQuake
Rocket RaccoonRogueScarlet Witch
Sorcerer SupremeSpiderman (all versions)Spider Gwen
Squirrel GirlStorm (Both)Thor (Jane Foster)
WaspWolverine X-23

3. Bulwark:

Metal Defenders are immune to Armor Break debuffs. If they lose more than 5% of health from a single strike, they gain industructible buff for 5 seconds. The ability goes on cooldown for 15 seconds after industructible buff expires.

List of champions that can benefit from Bulwar Tactic

CableCivil WarriorColossus
CrossbonesCull ObsidianDarkhawk
Doctor DoomDoctor OctopusFalcon
GamoraGhostGreen goblin
GuillotineGuillotine 2099Gwenpool
Howard the DuckHulkbusterIron Man
Iron Man IWIron PatriotKang
MysterioNebulaOld-Man Logan
Omega RedPunisher 2099Red Skull
SentinelSpiderman (Stark)Spiderman(Stealth)
Thor RagnarokUltron (both)Unst. Colossus
Vision (both)VultureWar Machine
WarlockWaspWinter Soldier
WolverineWolverine X-23Wolverine (Weapon X)

4. Siphon:

Villain Defenders gets % ability accuracy and apply 1000 (Siphon 2) / 750 (Siphone 3) block penetration with each strike (stackable up to 3). The block penetration is applied even they hit your block.

List of champions that can benefit from Siphon Tactic

CrossbonesCyclops (New Xavier School)Diablo
Doctor DoomDoctor OctopusDormammu
ElectroGhostGreen Goblin
HelaIron PatriotJoe Fixit
King GrootKingpinLoki
MODOKMagneto (both)Mephisto
Mister SinisterMojoMole-Man
Omega RedPunisher 2099Red Hulk
Red SkullRhinoRonan
SentinelStorm (Pyramid X)Taskmaster
TerraxThanosThe Hood
Ultron (both)Unst. ColossusVenom
Venom the DuckVenompoolVoid

5. Flow:

 Critical Strikes against Control Defenders grant Power Gain Buff, causing them to gain [X%] of their Max Power over [Y] seconds. Well-timed block remove that power gain buff even on stun immune node.

List of champions that can benefit from Flow Tactic

Black Widow CVDoctor OctopusDoctor Strange
Doctor VoodooDormammuDiablo
FalconGhostGhost Rider
GuillotineGuillotine 2099Loki
MagikMister SinisterMojo
MordoPsylockePunisher 2099
Red SkullRogueRonan
HeimdallHoward the DuckIron Man IW
Scarlet WitchSpiderman (MM)Symbiote Supreme
 TaskmasterTerraxThe Hood
VenompoolVision (Both)Vulture

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