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AW Defender Tactics (Season 31)

You cannot choose from all Defense or Attacker Tactics

Expert Tier (Tier 1 and Tier 2):  

  • Defense Tactic: High Ground – 2 (The only tactic you can use)
  • Attacker Tactic: Power Down (Only tactic attackers can select)

Challenger Tier  (Tier 3 to Tier 5):

  • Defense Tactics: Can choose one from 3: Untouchable 2, High Ground, and Unstoppable Armor – 2.
  • Attacker Tactics: Can select one out of 3: Slow Your Roll, Damage Over Time, and Power Down.

Hard Tier  (Tier 6 to Tier 9):

  • No Defense Tactic for Hard Tier
  • Attacker Tactic: Can select one out of 3: Slow Your Roll, Damage Over Time, and Power Down.

In Shot, Expert Tier will have pre-defined tactics and there won’t be an option for selection. This will change every season.

Challenger Tier can select one out of 3 available options. Hard Tier can do the same, but for attacker tactics only as they won’t have any defender tactics available to use.

Type of Defender Tactics, their buffs, and the list of defenders to get benefit from them.

1. High Ground 

Defense Tactic (#AW: High Ground)

If defender is #AW: High Ground, they gain an altitude charge every 15/10/10 seconds. When the defender has any altitude charge and the attacker is blocking, it will deal 500/1000/1000 energy damage to the attacker per altitude charge. Defender also gains true accuracy when they have altitude charge active on them. Altitude Charge cannot be prevented by ability accuracy and 1 charge is removed every 10 hits on attacker’s combo meter. If Defender is inflicated with Degeneration, Shock, or Incinerate, they gain altitude charge 50/50/80 % faster.

Who are #AW: High Ground Champions?

Air-Walker Black Bolt Captain Marvel
Doctor Strange Ebony Maw Green Goblin
Guardian Human Torch Iron Man IW
Magneto (Both) MODOK Nova
Phoenix Professor X Red Goblin
Rogue Silver Surfer Sorcerer Supreme
Storm Storm (Pyramid X) Symbiote Supreme
Vulture Wasp Yellowjacket

2. Untouchables

Defense Tactic (#AW: Untouchables)

If the defender is #AW: Untouchables, whenever they trigger miss of evade, they gain 17.5% / 25% / 50% of a bar of power over 2.5 second. If the evade is prevented by Slow or Concussion Debuff, defender would instead gain 35% / 50% / 50% of a bar of power over 2.5 seconds.

Who are #AW: Untouchables Champions?

Hood  Stryfe Suit) Ultron Wasp X

Black Widow Black Widow DO Darkhawk
Domino Ebony Maw Guillotine 2099
Hit-Monkey Invisible Woman Mordo
Mr. Fantastic Mysterio Nightcrawler
Professor X Quake Spider-Gwen
Spider-Ham Spider-Man
(all versions)
The Hood Ultron Wasp

3. Unstoppable Armor

Defense Tactic (AW: Unstoppable Armor)

Every 20/15/10 seconds defender will trigger armor up buff that gives 0 armor rating. However, this armor up grants defender a 30% chance to trigger unstoppable buff that is unaffected by Ability Accuracy Redunction. Defender is also immune to stun effect while unstoppable.

Who are #AW: Unstoppable Armor?

Angela Annihilus Black Panther CW
Civil Warrior Colossus Cosmic Ghost Rider
Doctor Octopus Heimdall Hulk Ragnarok
Hulkbuster Iceman Juggernaut
Kingpin Mangog Man-Thing
Mole Man Nimrod Red Skull
Rhino Sasquatch Super-Skrull
The Champion Ultron Venom
Venom the Duck Warlock  

4. Regenerator

Defense Tactic (AW: Regenerator)

If the defender is #AW: Regenerator, whenever they trigger regeneration, they also trigger power gain passive(s) granting x% of a the max power over 6 seconds. It will be removed if defender is heal blocked. Power gain will not trigger for first 1 second of the fight (means if the defender starts will regeneration buff, it will not trigger at the start).

Who are #AW: Regenerator Champions?

Angela Blade Cable
Darkhawk Diablo Green Goblin
Guillotine 2099 Howard the Duck Hulkbuster
Iron Man King Groot Magik
Man-Thing Mephisto Mister Sinister
Mysterio Namor OM Logan 
Punisher 2099 Red Hulk Sabretooth
Sorcerer Supreme Ultron Ultron OG

AW Attackers Tactics (Season 28 Onwards)

How will Attackers select Attacker Tactics?

Select the desired Attacker Tactic regardless of whatever the Defender Tactic is selected by the opponent. It can be done before joining the attack phase (right after selecting a team and before entering the Attack Phase).

Available for Tier 1 to 9 alliances only.

1. Slow your Roll

If the attacker is #AW: Slow Your Roll and they have an armor up buff active or the defender has an armor break applied, striking defender with heavy will apply slow debuff for 10 seconds.

Who are #AW: Slow Your Roll Champions

Airwalker Angela Annihilus
Black Panther CW Civil Warrior Colossus
Cull Obsidian Doctor Octopus Guardian
Guillotine 2099 Heimdall Hulkbuster
Iron Man IW Magneto (White) Medusa
Punisher 2099 Red Goblin Sentinel
Silver Surfer Terrax Thor
Venom Venom the Duck Vision Aarkus

2. Power Down

All the #AW: Power Down attackers can apply Wither debuff when they finish the 5-hit combo with a different attack than previous combo. Each prowess effect and non-damaging debuff (excluding wither) will apply another instance of Wither on the oppnent. Wither debuff lasts 15 seconds and it reduce ability accuracy and power rate by 20%.

Who are #AW: Power Down Champions

Ant-Man Apocalypse Captain America
Doctor Strange Emma Frost Gambit
Green Goblin Havok Invisible Woman
Jubilee Luke Cage Magneto (White)
Professor X Proxima Midnight Red Guardian
Sentry She-Hulk Spider-Ham
Spider-Man Spider-Man (Symbiote) Storm
Thing Wasp Yellowjacket

3. Damage Over Time

Attacker Tactic (#AW: Damage Over Time)

#AW: Damage Over Time: Defenders will be heal blocked while they are suffering from 2 or more damage over time debuff(s).

Who are #AW: Damage Over Time Champions?

Black Panther Black Widow
(Deadly Origin)
Carnage Daredevil(HK) Elsa Bloodstone
Gwenpool Hit-Monkey Hulkbuster
Hyperion Iceman Killmonger
Masacre Medusa Mole Man
Namor Nebula Night Thrasher
OM Logan Ronin Sasquatch
Squirrel Girl Tigra Venom