Alliance War Defense and Attacker Tactics and list of Benefited Champions

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AW Defender Tactics / Attacker Tactics and Defenders / Attackers that Would Get Benefit (Season 24)

Available for Tier 1 to 5 alliances only.

An Alliance can select a defender Tactic while starting the AW Placement Phase.

How will Attackers select Attacker Tactics?

It cannot be selected manually. Attacker tactics will be auto-applied depending on what Defensive Tactics the opponent team has used.

Type of Defender and Attackers Tactics, their buffs, and the list of defenders/attackers to get benefit from them.

1. AW: Regenerator /AW: Damage Over Time:

Defense Tactic (AW: Regenerator)

If the defender is #AW: Regenerator, whenever they trigger regeneration, they also trigger power gain passive(s) granting x% of a the max power over 6 seconds. It will be removed if defender is heal blocked. Power gain will not trigger for first 1 second of the fight (means if the defender starts will regeneration buff, it will not trigger at the start).

Attacker Tactic (AW: Damage Over Time)

#AW: Damage Over Time: Defenders will be heal blocked while they are suffering from damage over time debuff(s).

Who are #AW: Regenerator Champions?

Angela Blade Cable
Darkhawk Diablo Green Goblin
Guillotine 2099 Howard the Duck Iron Man
King Groot Magik Man-Thing
Mephisto Mysterio Namor
Punisher 2099 Red Hulk Sabretooth
Mister Sinister Sorcerer Supreme Ultron
Ultron OG Wolverine OM Logan

Who are #AW: Damage Over Time Champions?

Black Panther Black Widow
(Deadly Origin)
Carnage Elsa Bloodstone Gwenpool
Hit-Monkey Hulkbuster Hyperion
Iceman Killmonger Masacre
Medusa Mole Man Namor
Nebula Night Thrasher OM Logan
Ronin Sasquatch Squirrel Girl
Daredevil(HK) Tigra Venom

2. Bulwark:

Defense Tactic

#AW:metal Defenders are immune to armor break. When they lose more x% of health from a single hit, they gain indestructible buff for x seconds. When attackers finishes a special attack, this indestructible buff is removed. Whenever it is removed for any reason, it goes on cooldown for 10 seconds.

Attacker Tactic

#AW: Metal Attackers have their damage overtime potency increased by 35% for each damage overtime debuff already on attacker.

List of champions that can benefit from Bulwark

Air-Walker Angela Annihilus
Ant-Man Apocalypse Archangel
Cable Civil Warrior Colossus
Corvus Glaive Cosmic Ghost Rider Crossbones
Cull Obsidian Darkhawk Doctor Doom
Doctor Octopus Dragon-Man Falcon
Gamora Ghost Green Goblin
Guardian Guillotine Guillotine 2099
Heimdall Howard the Duck Hulk Ragnarok
Hulkbuster Iron Man Iron Man IW
Iron Patriot Kang MODOK
Mojo Morningstar Mysterio
nebula Nova Old Man Logan
Omega Red Proxima Midnight Punisher 2099
Red Skull Ronan Sentinel
Spider-Man(Stark) Spider-Man(Stealth) Stryfe
Taskmaster Thanos Thor
Thor (jane foster) Thor Ragnarok Ultron
Unst. Colossus Vision Vulture
War Machine Warlock Wasp
Winter Soldier Wolverine Wolverine (Weapon X)
Wolverine X-23 Yellowjacket  

3. Protect:

Defense Tactic

If attacker deals more than 300% of their base attack in a single hit to #AW: Size: L or #Size XL Defenders, a protection shield is granted to the defender reducing all incoming damage taken by 10/20/30 percent. It stacks up to 4. Intercepting an attack removes 2 stacks.

Attacker Tactic

AW: #Size: L or #Size XL Attackers removes the all stacks of protection from Size L and Size XL defenders when then knock them down.

List of champions that can benefit from Protect Tactic

Abomination Abomination Immortal Air Walker
Apocalypse Beast Bishop
Cable Colossus Crossbones
Cull Obsidian Dormammu Dragon Man
Drax Groot Heimdall
Howard the Duck Hulk Immortal Hulk
Hulk Ragnarok Hulkbuster Hyperion
Joe Fixit Juggernaut King Groot
Kingpin Korg Luke Cage
MODOK Man-Thing Mister Sinister
Mojo Mole Man Morningstar
Omega Red Red Hulk Rhino
Ronan Sabretooth Sasquatch
Sentinel She-Hulk Stryfe
Terrax Thanos The Champion
Thing Thor Thor Ragnarok
Ultron Unst. Colossus Venom
Venom the Duck Venompool Warlock

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