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AW Defender Tactics (Season 36)

Expert Tier (Tier 1 and Tier 2):  

  • Defense Tactic: Conduit 3 (The only tactic you can use)
  • Attacker Tactic: Sick and Tired (Only tactic attackers can select)
  • Bans: Human Torch and Hercules

Challenger Tier  (Tier 3 to Tier 5):

  • Defense Tactics: Can choose one from 3: Miss-tic Dispersion, Unstoppable Armor, Conduit – 2.
  • Attacker Tactics: Can select one out of 3: Defiance, Debuff Detox, Sick and Tired.
  • Ban: Human Torch

Hard Tier  (Tier 6 to Tier 9):

  • No Defense Tactic for Hard Tier
  • Attacker Tactic: Can select one out of 3: Defiance, Debuff Detox, Sick and Tired.

In Shot, Expert Tier will have pre-defined tactics and there won’t be an option for selection. This will change every season.

Challenger Tier can select one out of 3 available options. Hard Tier can do the same, but for attacker tactics only as they won’t have any defender tactics available to use.

Type of Defender Tactics, their buffs, and the list of defenders to get benefit from them.

X: It is a filler for seconds or percent. The duration and the number of percentage changes depending on your war tier.

Miss-Tic Dispersion

Defense Tactic (#AW: Miss-tic Dispersion)

Whenever a buff is removed or expired on the attacker, Miss-Tic Dispersion champions gain a Miss passive causing all attacks to miss for X seconds. When this occurs defender also gains protection passive that reduces incoming damage by X percent. Max Stack 3. Intercepting the defender’s attack will remove miss passive. Miss Passive goes on cooldown for 20 seconds after it gets removed or expires.

Who are #AW: Miss-tic Dispersion

America ChavezBlack Widow (CV)Dormammu
Dragon ManEbony MawGhost
Guillotine 2099Invisible WomanKitty Pryde
SasquatchSilver SurferSorcerer Supreme
Spider-Man (Miles)StryfeSuper-Skrull
Symbiote SupremeThe HoodTigra

Unstoppable Armor

Defense Tactic (AW: Unstoppable Armor)

Every 20/15/10 seconds defender will trigger armor up buff that gives 0 armor rating. However, this armor up grants defender a 30% chance to trigger unstoppable buff that is unaffected by Ability Accuracy Redunction. Defender is also immune to stun effect while unstoppable.

Who are #AW: Unstoppable Armor?

AngelaAnnihilusBlack Panther CW
Civil WarriorColossusCosmic Ghost Rider
Doctor OctopusHeimdallHulk Ragnarok
Mole ManNimrodRed Skull
The ChampionUltronVenom
Venom the DuckWarlock 


All the Conduit Defenders are not affected by any type of regeneration rate modification. They regenerate 80% of energy damage taken. They regenerate 60% of damage taken from all sources if they have Shock, Coldsnap, Plasma, or Incinerate Debuff applied. Whenever a defender is knocked down, they receive one of the following debuffs in order: Shock, Plasman, Coldsnap, and Incinerate which deals 0 damage over 10 seconds.

Who are #AW: Conduit Champions?

DarkhawkDiabloDoctor Doom
Doctor VoodooGalanGreen Goblin
GuardianHulk (Immortal)Hulkbuster
Human TorchHyperionKing Groot
MagnetoMephistoMister Sinister
SersiSilver SurferStorm

Attackers Tactics (Season 36)

How will Attackers select Attacker Tactics?

Select the desired Attacker Tactic regardless of whether the Defender Tactic is selected by the opponent. It can be done before joining the attack phase (right after selecting a team and before entering the Attack Phase).

Available for Tier 1 to 9 alliances only.


Defiance Attackers gain immunity to buffs. Whenever a buff triggers, they rather gain +250 energy resistance for 10 seconds. It doesn’t stack up.

Who are #AW: Defiance Attackers?

AbominationAbomination (Immortal)Agent Venom
Black PantherCaptain America (IW)Falcom
HulkHulk (Immortal)Hulk (Ragnarok)
Invisible WomanJoe FixitKarnak
Mister FantasticRoninShe-Hulk
Spider-GwenSpider-Man (Miles)Spider-Man (Stealth)

Sick and Tired

If the attacker is #AW: Sick And Tired and the defender has 3 or more debuffs applied, the defender is heal blocked. Defender suffers 100% ability accuracy for their unblockable attacks.

Who are #AW: Sick and Tired Champions

BishopBlack Widows (DO)Blade
Captain Marvel MovieCosmic Ghost RiderElsa Bloodstone
Luke CageMasacreMedusa
NebulaSpider-HamSpider-Man 2099
SunspotSymbiote SupremeTerrax
War Machine

Debuff Detox

If the attack is #AW: Debuff Detox, dodging or blocking an attack grants 1 detox change (max 6). When the attacker reaches max charge, they are consumed and the attacker becomes debuff immune for 5 seconds. Whenever the attacker fires a Special or receives any debuff, it consumes all detox charges and removes 1 stack of each debuff. (This doesn’t work as purifying debuffs, so champions like Bishop who punishes for purifying will not punish).

Who are #AW: Detox Champions?

Abomination (Immortal)AngelaAnt-Man
Anti-VenomBlack Widow (CV)Captain Marvel (Movie)
Cosmic Ghost RiderDoctor OctopusEbony Maw
Human TorchInvisible WomanJoe Fixit
King GrootKnullMedusa
Mister FantasticMister NegativeNick Fury
Sorcerer SupremeSpider-HamTerrax
Vision (Arkus)Void