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Alliance Quest Map 6 doesn’t have Sentinels or Ultron Minions to fight. Here is the full Map for all 3 Variants. The buffs or node details for Mister Sinister Miniboss is missing on the map because we haven’t seen that so far and Kabam said nothing about the node. Once we have the information, we will update it.

  • Important Note: Please Ignore the link nodes as there are too many on the map. Kabam has removed path links. Now only boss and mini-bosses have link nodes from paths. 

AQ Map 6 (Variant 1 – Bishop Miniboss | Variant 3 – Mister Sinister Miniboss)

Map 6 V1 and V3 Version

Let’s have a look at another variant now.

AQ Map 6 Variant 2 (Longshot Miniboss)



The Maps You Just Saw Above has been created by Cat Murdok

Top Map 6 Minibosses Counters

Map 6 Bishop Counter

  • Doctor Doom
  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
  • Captain Marvel (Movie)
  • Quake

Map 5