AQ & AW Maps (Paths)

Alliance Quest Map 5 (AQ Map) (Season 6)

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Do you want to see all the champs placed in AQ Map 5 of Marvel Contest of Champions? Here we have the Map with Mini Bosses and Boss.

Note: Nodes Detail is Given After the Image:

AQ Map 5 for Season 6

Image Credit: Created by (Line ID: Anuj009) – You may contact him if you are in need to create any type of artwork.

Note: Wherever you see AI image on the map instead of champ that is reserved for Minions that could be Ultone Drones,  Sentinel, or Symbiods. Every week at the start Kabam will choose a random minion and it will remain the same for the whole week.

AQ Map 5 Mini Bosses and Boss Node Detail

aq-mini-bosses copy

AQ Mp5 Node Details (Why we still have an old map here along with the new map)

The nodes for the champions (Except Boss and Minibosses) remain the same. Kabam Just updated Boss and Miniboss nodes as they brought new champs. So if you need other node detail, you can look at the old map.

AQ Map5