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The recent announcement will make many players happy who have been struggling to get Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragments. So what is this all about and how can you get Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragments.

T5CC fragments can only be achieved doing Map 7. You need to select Unique Epic Modifier to score 49,000 to reach the 22nd milestone to get 10% T5CC fragments. Selecting Master Modifier can still get you some T5CC fragments, but Map 6 even with Unique Epic modifiers will not qualify you for T5CC. Let’s see all of those in the chart.

Alliance Quest Modifiers (Global Buffs)

There are 4 types of Modifiers: Normal, Heroic, Master, and Epic. Epic Buffs have just been added as part of the Mid Season 7 Midseason (7.5) update that will go live on July 12, 2020.

Normal Buffs

Heroic Buffs

Master Buffs

Epic Modifiers


Honor Milestones and Rewards

honor score

Honor Points or Alliance Quest Modifiers Scoring


How does the Honor Scoring work?

There are 5 types of unique buffs you get each day. You must select a unique one without repeating the same buff to get full points as shown in the chart above.

An Example to achieve 49,500 Honor Score to make you get the highest milestone rewards (10% T5CC Fragments) while playing Map 7 x 5

When we select only Unique Epic Buff Each Day (Don’t repeat the same buff)

Day 1 – Buff 1 1650 Each BG 4950
Day 2 – Buff 2 2475 Each BG 7425
Day 3 – Buff 3 3300 Each BG 9900
Day 4 – Buff 4 4125 Each BG 12,375
Day 5 – Buff 5 4950 Each BG 14,850
Total Score for the week 49,500