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Alliance War Season 5 is about to finish in 2 days and then Alliance War Season 6 will kick in. So we have got a few updates that will give you the reason to smile, especially if you are a blade guy.

Alliance War Season 6 Update

  1. No more bleed immune-defenders: The Global bleed immunity node will no longer exist in Season 6. So Blade is gonna be back to its form and will rock the alliance war. So will the other champions that do great bleed damage, like GP, X23, etc..
  2. Removal of Amed Up Global Node: Season 6 will not give an attack bonus to lady champions.
  3. There will be a week gap only after Season 6 expires, and then Season 6 will kick in.

The above-mentioned changes that have already been confirmed by Kabam Mike via Contest of Champion’s Official Forum

Last, but not least, all healing ability will be reversed in War season 6. So instead of healing your champions will degenerate. So you can’t bring any champion that heals, like Blade. Hahaha! Just kidding.