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When AQ Season 6: Mad Titan’s Wrath will start?

Next Month with 23.1 Update. (The date has not been confirmed).

Who are the New Bosses of All Maps?

Nameless Thanos that you recently encountered in Avengers Forever Event Quest. Here are the details of the boss for all Maps (Map 1 to Map 7):

AQ Season 6 Bosses

What is Aspect of Evolution ( The buff applied to Thanos in some of the maps)?

Whenever opponents fill a bar of Power, they raise their Critical Rating, Power Raate, Attack, Critical Resistance, Armor, Ability Accuracy attributes by X%, and Block Penetration for the remainder of the fight.

What is Special Chaos Inversion (Buff applied to Thanos in Map 6 and Map 7)

The Attacker’s Dash and Dodge controls are inverted from the start of the Defender’s Special Attacks until just after they end. It works the way Emma Frost’s Signature Ability does in that the first action after the Special Attack will be inverted.

Who Will be the New Minibosses for AQ Maps?

  • Map 7: No Change (Omega Red)
  • Map 6: Mephisto / Ebony Maw / Dormammu
  • Map 5: Morningstar / Hyperion / Scarlet Witch
  • Map 4: Corvus Glaive / Nebula / Deadpool
  • Map 3: King Groot / Proxima Midnight / Hulkbuster
  • Map 2: Vision Classic / Hela / Cull Obsidian
  • Map 1: Guillotine

If you want to know about the buffs and boost those minibosses will have, download the image below by clicking on it.

aq mini bosses
Click to Enlarge

Are there any changes to the champions you face?

  • Map 2 and Map 5: Will have a new set of champions that will refresh (cycle from old champions to the new ones)
  • Changes to Minions: All the maps that currently have Sentinels all over will receive a refreshment. Now you will encounter Sentinels, Symbioids, and Ultron Drones. Each series Minions will be randomly selected along with the miniboss and remain the same for the week. So you will always face one type of minions only.

What are the changes to Map 7?

There are many changes to the nodes (not the champions). Map 7 will be available in 3 variant and one of them will be randomly selected each week. Download the image by clicking them to see all variations and nodes updates.

Click image to Enlarge or Download

What are the new Nodes/Buffs that Kabam is adding to Season 6 AQ Maps?

There are many new buffs that are in the que to be added with the start of Season 6. Have a look at the image below. You can download if you want by clicking on it.

all buffs-min

What are the changes to Rewards?

Something that is still unclear. Kabam has partially revealed it that are as follows:

  • Reduced costs on Glory Crystals and the Class Specific Tier 4 Catalyst Fragments.
  • Addition of 200 Tier 5 Basic Catalysts fragments for Map 7 Exploration.
  • Map 1 will offer Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst Fragments after 100% exploration.
  • Map 2 will contain Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments after 100% exploration.
  • Map 3 will award a Tier 4 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal after 100% exploration.
  • All fights across Maps 1-3 will now award Gold and additional chance to get some glory.

Everything mentioned above is subject to change or removal as Kabam is still in the process to update.