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Alliance Quest Map 6 Season 5 (Map and Tips to Clear)

Note: This Map is not updated. We will update with the new one as soon as we have the update. Thanks for your patience.

Alliance Quest Map 6 doesn’t have Sentinels to fight. Here is the full Map, the mini-boss and the boss of Marvel Contest of Champions AQ Map 6.

AQ Map 6 Miniboss: Void, Boss: Kingpin

AQ Map 6 Section 1

AQ Map 6 Sec 1

AQ Map 6 Section 2

Map 6 Sec 2

AQ Map 6 Section 3

Map 6 Sec 3

What Champions Should I Bring to Map 6 or What Champions are the Best to Use in Map 6

Here are the top champs you should bring to clear Map 6 without any problem.

  • Trinity Team (Blade+Ghost Rider+Spidey Stark) – The danger sense will keep Blade away from Void’s Debuff and the regeneration of Ghost Rider and Blade will help you clear all paths, and you will also be able to clear Bleed path without any issue.

If you don’t have the whole trinity Team, Then Consider these;

A Champ that Regenerates

  • Blade (Duped)
  • Ghost Rider
  • X23
  • Rogue

A Champ that hits harder

  • Spidey Stark
  • Star-Lord
  • Voodoo
  • Void
  • Domino
  • Ghost
  • Emma Frost
  • Corvus Glaive
  • Omega Red
  • Or Anyone that you think hit harder

A Champ that is immune (if you are doing Poison/Bleed/Caltrops path

AQ Map 5


  1. Some nodes are inaccurate as of Dec 6, 2018. Do some nodes alternate every week like other maps, or does this just need to be updated?


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