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Aegon vs LOL Black Widow One Shot (Solo). Crazy Damage!

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Aegon vs LOL Black Widow

Ægon Gameplay Damage and Abilities

Ægon is another God Tier champion that hits like a tank. Here are a few things that you should know what makes the Ægon a super attacker.

  • Ægon’s basic critical rate is 0, but his Critical Rate keeps increasing by +30.46 with each hit Combo meter, just like Star-Lord’s attack rate increases with each hit combo.
  • Aegon’s gets some additional benefit after reaching certain hit combos that are as follows;

hit combo

  • If Ægon receives +critical rate from any other source (except Combo meter), it is automatically converted to Critical Damage Rating
  • Special 2 attack has 100% chance to cause bleed damage for 6 seconds, dealing 135.1 direct damage for each hit of the Combo Meter, up to 60 hits. That means if you have at least 60 hits combo, then L2 is will deal a great amount of damage.

Ægon 4-star vs ROL Wolverine

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If you want to learn more about Ægon’s features, don’t forget to check its official spotlight section.

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