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Kabam recently announced the release of Act 6.4 chapter that will be the last chapter of Act 6.4, so they also revealed the rewards player will get after they explore Act 6 completely (100%) or when they achieve the completion (at least one run of all chapters). However, people didn’t like the rewards and the forum got flooded with disputes.

The reward Kabam initially announced (on February 26) along with Act 6.4 Release Date

Act 6.4 Release Date: March 11, 2020

Act 6 rewards

Update from Kabam Mike (February 28, 2020)

Kabam Mike made this post today:

rewards change

What to expect?

Kabam Mike clearly mentioned that T5CC and Awakening Gem are not going to change. So what else to expect?

  • 100%ing Act 6 might include some 6-star Signature Stones or Gems.
  • They might add some more 6-star shards.

Those are just assumptions, don’t take them for granted.