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Before we start talking about counters, let’s remove a little confusion.

Flux Dispersal (Things to Know)

  • Defender reduces damage taken by 5% each hit you land. Landing a heavy removes all those charges. So if you just parry and heavy, damage reduction will not trigger,
  • Damage over time debuffs ignores Flux Dispersal. So your physical touch will not make any damage, but damage-over-time debuffs will do as usual.

Selective Stream and Pull (Can you heal block)

Yes, you can heal block your opponent and stop them healing every 20 seconds. You can also use Warlock’s infection to heal block. But, if your champions don’t make projectile hits, so they will do 75% less damage because of the Pull node.

How to cheese Nick Fury Fight in Selective Stream Path in Act 6.4.5?

Nick Fury has been bugged forever that Kabam is failing to fix. Start the fight and force quit the app. Start the game again and Nick Fury’s Life Model Decoy will trigger. He will lose 70% health automatically and then you just have to damage 30%. But, Mind these things:

  • Nick Fury’s health will restore to 100% even in Life Model Decoy mode if you fail to keep incinerate or shock debuff on him (Hype is best here keep incinerate going by spamming L1) or you can apply heal block or Warlock’s infection.
  • If you fail to knock him down after restarting the game, his Life Model Decoy will be gone and it will retrigger after you knock him down. So make sure to use a champ that can bring him down. Or just restart the game if you feel you cannot knock him down. After the restart, he is not likely to go in Life Decoy mode and you will have to restart again.

Top Counters to deal with Selective Stream Path in Act 6.4.5

Hyperion (Duped)

Use Special 3 first time to get the comic charge that will increase the attack rating during the whole fight. After first Special 3, just keep spamming Special 1. You may also parry and heavy to gain fury if you don’t mind some block damages, but not a mandatory thing to do.

Iron Man Infinity War

Spam Special 1 to keep the shock on and the opponent will never heal. Many of his attacks are projectile-based, so he works great on Pull nodes.


Get Sentinel to 100 Charges by hitting blocks and his debuffs will last longer. His Heavy attack can shock the opponent, Special 1 can heal block, Special 2 can incinerate. His Special 1, Special 2, and heavy are also projectile-based that will ignore Pull node.

Proxima Midnight (Duped)

Complete all the missions and then she can probably knock out a champion in one special attack.

Use any champ that can heal block, incinerate or shock

The objective here is to mind the timer. You must apply heal block, incinerate or shock the opponent before the Selective Stream time refreshes and it must remain applied while refreshing.

Use a champion that can finish within 20 seconds of the time refresh

It is not recommended, but this could be the only option for a few people without a good counter. Champions like Guillotine 2099, Star-Lord, Aegon can increase their attack / critical rating when their combo in increased. So they are capable of such a fight as long as you don’t mind a long fight and healing them every fight. They are kind of an expensive option.