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Darkhawk is already one of the annoying defenders we hate to face. He becomes even more annoying when combined with crazy nodes. So what makes Darkhawk Hard in Act 6.4.3? Let’s have a look at the nodes first.

Nodes Detail (What Makes Darkhawk Annoying in Act 6.4.3 as Boss)

  • Raptor Upgrades: Start the fight in Null Mode and his all attacks remain unblockable as long as Null Mode is active.
  • Lionheart: Healing Ability cannot be reversed. If you try to reverse it, it will rather gain 300% potency and the attacker will get 200% of their attack as direct damage.
  • Hurt Locker: Using the same special attack twice in a row gives the attacker a delayed blast charge for 5 seconds that can be removed landing a heavy attack. If it is not removed it will deal 50% of their Health as Direct Damage.
  • Force of Will: Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification.
  • Power Efficiency: Special attack costs 50% less power.

Let’s talk about counters now.

Act 6.4.3 Dark Boss Counters

Quake (If you know how to use her without blocking or parrying)


Shatter the Armor and she will shut down everything. Medusa is the best attacker against robots.

Human Torch With Prefight Ability

Prefight Ability will help to finish the fight quickly as Nova deals more damage as lasts longer. At 10 Temperature: Human Torch cannot miss the attack, so it is very easy to counter Darkhawk after he usage that he will do a lot because of Power Efficiency Node.

Spiderman Stealth Suit With Web Form Prefight Ability

Don’t forget to select Web-Form as Prefight Ability. Web-Form helps to apply a slow debuff on the opponent every time you end the fifth light attack (up to 5, can be refreshed with Special 3). When Slow Debuff will be replaced with another Slow Debuff, Spider-Man Stealth Suit will get a fury buff that increases the attack, Using Special 1 increased Critical Rating, and Special 2 and Dodging Attacks make buffs last longer. Watch this video:

Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

Spider-Man can finish any fight quickly with 10 charges that can easily be achieved in any fight by using 10 dexterity. Watch Spidey Stark in action:

Nick Fury (Duped)

Nick Fury cannot miss an attack when he has 5 or more tactical charges that is easy to keep once his Life Model Decoy is destroyed and this is when he also hits harder.


Hyperion is one of the hardest hitters that can finish any fight quickly. Let’s watch him in action.

Corvus Glaive with Boosts + Charges + Suicide

Using Corvus Without Suicide will give you a bad impression about him. Watch Corvus in action:

Guillotine 2099 with 100 Hits Combo

Getting 100 Hits combo is easy. Finish the previous fight using Special 3 and you star next fight with 100 Hits combo. She hits hard enough after 100 hits. Watch the fight below:

  • The attacker has used Assault Function as Prefight Ability that drains 5% of the opponent’s power with a medium attack. It is very useful to keep the opponent below 3 bar of power.
  • The attack is also using Nick Fury + Quake as the synergy that grants 3 evade charges to evade 3 unblockable attacks when Nick Fury is alive. It is just to give safeguard if you mess up.