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Act 6.4.1 has a Do You Bleed path that is kind of straight forward until you face Gwenpool.

What makes Gwenpool Tough?

Do You Bleed?: She takes damage from bleed only. Bleed damages are doubled

Clapback: Applying bleed debuff to Gwenpool will also apply to the Attacker.

Safeguard: Each blocked attack reduces block proficiency by 6%, up to a maximum of 80% reduction.

So how to make the damage?

Counters to Gwenpool

Use a Mutant Champion that Makes Opponent Bled (Wolverine/X-23 or others) as a Horseman

How to make them Horseman: You will need Apocalypse in Team and gain 4 charges. You can either gain defeating opponents with him or Use Cable or Mister Sinister Synergy. If you are using Synergy, you will have to start a fight then even if you die, you can revive him and he will hold 4 charges. Use his charge and the next mutant you will use will become a Horseman. The horseman doesn’t take any bleed damage, so you can easily defeat Gwenpool.

Ægon (Duped)

Gwenpool is the last fight, so you get the chance to do enough fight to keep the combo. So get a good amount of combo before reaching gwenpool. You just need to hit her block and that does enough damage. It will take around 100 block hits to finish here or a little more depending on the combo you have. Remember that you should never use a Special 2 attack on her to cause bleed damage, else you will die from bleed.

Use a Robot Champion

A robot champion cannot take bleed damage. So you can use the following:

  • Ultron (Prime): It’s going to be a long, real long fight.
  • Warlock: His heavy can do bleed damage, but you probably have to parry Gwenpool and that will decrease your block proficiency up to 80%. So he should probably be the last option unless you don’t have other counters


Domino has the ability to get rid of bleed debuff faster. She can finish her with a couple of revives, depending on how lucky you get. Better use Suicide master.

Can I Use Blade?

I won’t recommend. Blade can shrug off debuff faster when he fills the power bar. However, you need to use a Special attack to cause her to bleed. Once you use Special, you will lose power and Blade won’t shrug off bleed debuff faster (the bleed debuff that you will get because of Clapback node). Blade can cause bleed with Parry as well, but each parry will reduce your block proficient by 6% (up to 80%). So Blade will go down faster.

Did I forget a counter? Mention in the comment section, I will be happy to include if it is legit.