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Act 6.4.1 Gwenpool Counters (Do You Bleed + Clapback)

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Act 6.4.1 has a Do You Bleed path that is kind of straight forward until you face Gwenpool.

What makes Gwenpool Tough?

Do You Bleed?: She takes damage from bleed only. Bleed damages are doubled

Clapback: Applying bleed debuff to Gwenpool will also apply to the Attacker.

Safeguard: Each blocked attack reduces block proficiency by 6%, up to a maximum of 80% reduction.

So how to make the damage?

Counters to Gwenpool

Ægon (Duped)

Gwenpool is the last fight, so you get the chance to do enough fight to keep the combo. So get a good amount of combo before reaching gwenpool. You just need to hit her block and that does enough damage. It will take around 100 block hits to finish here or a little more depending on the combo you have. Remember that you should never use a Special 2 attack on her to cause bleed damage, else you will die from bleed.

Use a Robot Champion

A robot champion cannot take bleed damage. So you can use the following:

  • Ultron (Prime): It’s going to be a long, real long fight.
  • Warlock: His heavy can do bleed damage, but you probably have to parry Gwenpool and that will decrease your block proficiency up to 80%. So he should probably be the last option unless you don’t have other counters


Domino has the ability to get rid of bleed debuff faster. She can finish her with a couple of revives, depending on how lucky you get. Better use Suicide master.

Did I forget a counter? Mention in the comment section, I will be happy to include if it is legit.