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Act 6.3 comes with 6 chapters that mean 6 bosses that you need to defeat. We are going to point out the best possible counters, but if you think there are more or we missed something, feel free to let us know by comment.

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Act 6.3.1 Medusa Boss Counters

Node / Difficulties:

  • Do You Bleed?: Damage is caused by Bleed Only (No Bleed, No Damage).
  • Buffet: Every 7-second when the next buff is triggered, it is nullified and Medusa regenerate 5% of Max Health.
  • Fury: Every attack has a 10% chance to gain a fury buff for 8 seconds that grants +100 attacks.
  • Counterstrike: Every time you use a Dexterity master to evade an attack, Medusa gets a passive fury that increases attack by 5%. At 10 furies, all are removed and all attacks become unblockable for 15 seconds.
  • Explosive Personality: Hitting Medusa’s block gives her an armor up effect that stacks up to 5 and next time you hit the block all armor stacks are removed and attacker deals damage equal to 25% of the max health.

The node in the attacker’s Favor: Medusa takes 200% more damage from the bleed effect.

Best Counters:

  1. Gwenpool: One of the best champ as far as bleed damage is concerned. Use Special 2 attack to permanently lock her power this way you won’t have to use dexterity and she will never get 10 furies to be unblockable. You can keep parrying and hitting. If you don’t lose the combo, her Ability Accuracy Reduction will stop Medus’s autoblock after a few hits.
  2. Nick Fury: When the fury is furious, his bleed damage is best of all the champs. Keep him at 10+ charges and he will finish Medusa quickly.
  3. Killmonger: People may disagree as his bleed damage is not so great. However, Medusa takes 200% more damage from bleed and a Duped Killonger gets a bonus to attack when True Strike is active. Whether duped or not, just keep hitting Medusa unless you have a good amount of inflicted bleed debuff active (He can get 50 max) and then use Special 3. I would suggest, damage 60% to 70% of her health and then use Special 3 attack, she should be dead or will be very close to death. If you get 50 stacks earlier, just use L3 immediately, no need to stack more,
  4. Symbiote Supreme: With MD Mastery enabled, he will make the fight a cake. You can use even without Mastery. Always Use Special 3.
  5. Blade: Use normally and alway use Special 2.
  6. Archangel: Not a great champion against poison immune champ, but he can do it if you keep using Heavy.

Act 6.3.2 Nick Fury Boss Counters

Node / Difficulties:

  • Shank: Striking Fury’s block has a 40% chance to apply Bleed debuff on the attacker that deals 1% of the defender’s attack as direct damage.
  • Debuff Immune: Immune to all Debuff effects
  • Bloodletting: Bleed Effect lasts 100% longer
  • Tactical Adjustment and Empowered Immunity: every time the attacker tries to apply a debuff, Nick Fury gains one tactical charge, and also gains 33% of a bar of power.

Best Counters:

There isn’t anything Special here apart from Debuff Immunity that makes Nick Fury more annoying. Just fight him as you usually do. Use any hard hitter champion (Mutant is better) or use a hard hitter Bleed Immune.

  • Domino
  • Namor
  • Or any you think hits harder
  • Use Power Boost to get a Special attack bar filled faster

Tip: at 15+ Charges he becomes unblockable and at 20 charges all charges are removed. So always try to time it when he is about to have 15 charges. Save a Special attack to use at 15+ charges. For example, if you get your 5 hits combo at 13 charges and then use Special attack it should make him lose all charges because it will exceed 20 charges. Or Make him get 15+ if you can push him to Special 2 attack that is very easy to evade and then you can get 5-hits combo to push him over 20 charges that will make all charges to expire. 90% of the summoners cannot evade his Special 1 attack, so do not let him get 15+ charges with 1 bar of power. This fight is all about timing rather than specific champ usage.

Act 6.3.3 Havok Boss Counters

Node / Difficulties: 

  • Cornered: Debuffs make him gain 300% more power.
  • Force of Will: Immune to Ability Accuracy Modification.
  • Extinction Protocol: Havok gains up to 200% attack based on how full the attacker’s power bar is and his power rate also increases by 15% every time he uses a special attack.
  • Crumbling Armor: If the Attacker doesn’t attack in 6 seconds, he/she gets armor break debuff applied. Landing a hit removes the armor break.
  • Improved Power gain: All power gains are increased by 50%.

Best Counters:

Use a champion that drains power or has no effect of Plasma. Armor up champion is fine to use, but might not be very effective because of power gain and crumpling armor. Or use a hard hitter.

  • Havok: He doesn’t take any damage from Havok’s Plasma.
  • Duped Cull Obsidian with Charges: With 10 charges he is a monster. Break armor and use Special. He should finish before dying of plasma. Better use attack boost to be more effective.
  • Corvus Glaive with Attack Boost (Better with Suicide): Get his charges before Havok Fight. The first Special 2 would take him down.
  • Cyclops: He takes no damage from Havok’s Plasma and Special attack. The fight might take a little longer, though.
  • Vision Classic: he can drain the power to avoid plasma damages.
  • Colossus or any other Champ that gets armor if you don’t have the above-mentioned champs.

Act 6.4.4 Iron Man Infinity War Boss Counters

Node / Difficulties: 

  • Armor Break Immunity
  • Enhanced Armor Up: Armor Up Abilities are 40% more effective
  • Improved Power gain: 100% More Power
  • Arc Overload 2.0: Heals 25% of max health and gain 25% armor every 20 seconds
  • Indomitable: Healing effect cannot be reversed, it will only block healing
  • Plague Mind: Attacker’s power is drained every 30 Seconds.

Best Counter:

  • Void (Duped): He can block healing and can cause lots of degenerations to kill IMIW faster. Unduped might work, but he cannot block healing permanently.
  • Ægon (Duped): You must fight some champs to increase the combo meter before reaching IMIW.
  • Hyperion: Always try to use heavy and Special 1 attack.
  • Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy: Always use Heavy Attack and
  • Human Torch: He Does some good Incinirate Damage and can also heal block.
  • Star-Lord (Duped): He is very effective only if you can keep up the combo
  • Guillotine 2099 and Proxima Midnight: Effective only if you can keep the combo

Act 6.4.5 Mysterio Boss Counters

This guy is very annoying. So you will end up using many revives I guess.

Node / Difficulties:

  • Tunnel Vision: Using the same type of attack twice in a row applies Falter debuff on the attacker that causes the attacker to miss the next attack. This Falter debuff is removed only when you miss an attack.
  • Matador: Attacker gets a bar of power only when the defender used a Special attack. The attacker won’t generate power from any other source.
  • Enhanced Visibility: All power gain is increased by 50% when the Helmet is active.
  • Toxic Behavior: If Mysterio has 3 Chemical Gas for 8 seconds, the attacker will receive poison debuff.
  • Armor Break Immunity

Best Counter:

  1. Domino with Red Hulk and Masacre Synergy: Parry and heavy. Use boost if possible to save an item or even suicide. Never bait Special attack, just parry and heavy do as much damage as you can. Baiting Special will not any trick because you will die from Poison anyway. I was able to clear with a 20% boost and used 4 revives.
  2. Captain America Infinity War with Skill Synergy: Parry and Heavy, Use Special 2 while fury is active. Make sure you have a kinetic charge when you are about to get Poison debuff. Captain IW will shrug off at the cost of 1 kinetic charge.

You can use other poison immune champs or even hard hitters, but that will be more expensive.

Act 6.4.6 Captain America Infinity War Boss Counter

Node / Difficulties:

  • Critic Me With Your Best Shot: Captain America IW takes no damage if the attack is not critical. (The basic ability allows him to glance most of the hits, so most of the champion will fail to throw critical)
  • Destructive Feedback: Defender gains a Kinetic shield at the interval of every 15-seconds that lasts 10 seconds. All the damage you make while the shield is active is stored and the defender takes those damages when shield expires (Except Special 3). However, if the defender hits the attacker while it is active (even the block), those damages are reflected on the attacker instead.
  • Unlimited Power: Each Debuff you apply on Defender, he gains a fury buff that increases 25% attack. If Fury buff is nullified or removed for any reason, he gains 15% power each debuff.
  • Surging Vengeance: Defender Uses Special Attack in consecutive order from 1 to 3.

Tip: Never try to Parry when Kinetic Shield is active, else you may die from one block hit only.

Best Counters:

  • Ronan(Duped): He can stun-lock him forever.
  • Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced): Starky can help you Solo Captain America Infinity War. It’s better if it’s duped as you will also get a more critical rating (depends on charges and the health should be more than 50%).

  • Gwenpool (duped): She can handle an unlimited number of Special 3 attacks as a Duped Gwenpool cannot die from Special attack. Gwenpool has a 32.1% chance to throw a critical attack that I think is the highest of all champs. She also decreases the ability accuracy of the defender after a few hits (provided that you don’t lose combo), and this will stop Captain’s Glancing and Gwenpool will throw more criticals. If you are good at intercepting and don’t lose combo, you can probably solo with Gwenpool.
  • Ghost with Wasp and Hood Synergy: Hood is needed to avoid damage from Special 3 attack as Defender is guaranteed to throw many special 3 attacks during the fight.
  • Domino: It all depends on you how lucky you get during the fight and how many critical she throws. It may take longer, but she can do it.