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Act 6.3.3 Mysterio is very annoying and most of the players end up using revives. We are going to explain the problem and the solution.

What Makes Mysterio Hard to Kill in Act 6.3.3?

Acid Wash Node: 

Acid Was Node makes Mysterio takes 90% less damage from all type of hits unless he is inflicted with poison debuff. Sounds pretty easy, but it isn’t. Mysterio is immune to Poison unless armor break is inflicted. So basically you need a champ that can apply reliable armor break as well as poison.

Best Mysterio Counters (for Acid Wash Node)

Before you Fight: It’s important to understand that you practice evading Mysterio’s Special 1 attack. If you can’t evade his special 1, it will cost you way too many revives whatever champion you use.

Proxima Midnight (Duped) – Can be Soloed

She neither breaks armor not inflict poison. However, she hits harder than any champ after you complete all the missions. Complete all 3 missions and then use Special 3 a couple of times and he should be dead. She can finish fight faster than any other champ as long as you are good at evading Mysterio’s Special 1, else you will die from block damage until you complete the mission.


Man-Thing’s Special 2 attack breaks armor and inflicts Poison Debuffs. It’s better to use Mystic Power Boost to keep getting 2 bar of power faster. Mysterio will take full damage as long as poison is inflicted.

King Groot

Use Special 1 attack when King Groot has Fury active and it will apply a permanent armor break on Mysterio. Now keep using Special 2 attacks to apply poison. It’s better to use a Special attack when fury is enabled to make more damage. You should use Cosmic Power Boost to get Special 2 faster.

Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

It may not be possible to solo, but Starky is your best option if you don’t have any of the above-mentioned champs. Build 10 poises and then keep hitting and it does fair damage. Always use Special 2.

If Spider-man (Stark Enhanced) is duped: Whenever you revive him, make sure you keep his health above 50%. When he is duped, his evade chance increases below 50% health that makes fight pretty annoying because he will evade when you don’t want to and you will get caught. If his health is above 50%, he will get an increased critical rating that will finish Mysterio faster.

Other Counters

Hyperion: Heavy and L1 can do the trick.
Corvus Glaive: Increased Critical can do some good amount of damage.
Void: Degens can help.
Iron Man Infinity War: He does some good damage after you can stack 5 stacks of plasma. Keep the plasma degen going.