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Kabam has already made an announcement about the August 2020 Update. So let’s have a quick look at what we are getting in August along with the v28.0 App Update.

2 New Champions

  • Air Walker
  • Dragon Man

Aug champs

New Event/Permanent Quests

  • Monthly Event Quest (Submit Yourself to Galactus) – Monthly Quest
  • Back Issue #5: Blood and venom – Permanent Quest

Side Quests With Herald Difficulty (Daily Quest)

  • Summoners will require one Galactus’s Favor to enter the quest of any difficulty that will be given via log in Calender.
  • The daily quest will alternate daily. One day you can earn Hero Crystal Shards and the Another Days Catalyst Fragments.
  • Cavalier players can also unlock solo objectives to earn some Tier 5 Class Catalyst shards

Please don’t be confused that Kabam will launch the Herald Difficulty in the same format that they launched this month (July) with Canadian Difficulty. The Daily Side Quest contains great rewards. Better than you got in Canadian Difficulty. Here is the reward detail.

Daily Quests Auto-Complete

Once you have completed a quest, you can use the auto-complete option for the cost of energy. It will work like trading energy for the quest. It might be useful to complete those solo milestones.

The Champion Boss Nerf in Act 6.2.6

Please note the nerf is coming for the Champion Boss only and not the whole Act 6 Chapters

  • NO Retreat Link Node is replaced with Kinetic Transference-1 Node.
  • Block Penetration is reduced from 25% to 2%. (Now your champions can handle more block damage).
  • The damage attacker took after nullifying buff is reduced from 10% to 2%.
  • The last 10% of The Champion will now require only 3 Dexterity that used to be 5.

Some other bug fixes and improvement and more bugs like the rest of the other updates.

Did I miss anything or you want to know anything else? Let us know in the comment.