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The new 6-star Featured Heroes Crystal will be available starting from December 4 and it will last for 12 weeks. The champions from existing featured Heroes Crystals will be moved to the Basic Pool, so Wasp, Ghost, Massacre, Korg etc. all going to the Basic pool. The good thing is that the new one will have Ægon if you want to try your luck.

6-star featured
Image: MCOC Trucos

Top 6-star Champions that you may get from 6-star featured crystal (on and after December 4)

  1. Ægon
  2. Emma Frost
  3. Symbiote Supreme
  4. Omega Red
  5. The Champion
  6. Venom the Duck

And of course, you may also get the mighty Ant-Man that will make you repent your whole life why you opened a featured crystal. LOL! Good Luck!