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5-Star Heroes Crystal – Base Pool (April 2021 Updated)

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The base pool includes so many 5-star heroes and villains that increase your chances to pull too many craps. If you are looking for Specific Class Champions, it’s always good to open those that daily updates on the basis of class. However, the base crystal costs only 10,000 shards compared to 15,000 shards for the featured crystal.

Cost: 10,000 five-star hero crystal shards

List of all heroes and villains available in 5-star Basic Hero Crystal


Upcoming Champions

Jubilee May 25
Stryfe June 08
Psycho-Man June 22
Super Skrull July 06
Mangog July 20
Odin Aug 03



        1. Author

          If you don’t have a double immune and power control champ, he is the best option for you. However, his damage not that good.

          1. You use the heavy then power drain by using the mediums until he has 100 of his charge things then use the heavy again and it does ridiculous damage for just a heavy. Try it i think he has to be awakened but try it anyway.

  1. Where’s an entire list of the available champions you have a chance of getting when you buy a 15,000 5* shard crystal?

  2. I didn’t think Doom or even Blade were in basic crystal. When I go to open a basic crystal don’t recall seeing either

  3. Two things Iā€˜m wondering about:
    1. Is Ghost really in the basic 5* crystal pool? I watched about 150 crystal opening vids on YT from the last 8 weeks in slow speed. Ghost was not teased once in the reel in any video!!
    2. Does Kabam have to show drop rates for crystals? I could imagine different champs in the 5* basic pool have different drop rates. Any info available on this topic?

    1. Author

      Ghost is in basic for sure. No, it doesn’t show drop rate for any specific champions. If you want to get Ghost, I can tell 2 possible ways for now.
      First: Try with Incursion Crystal when you have enough shards.
      Second: save shards and wait for Kabam to release Class basis crystal. Kabam has already said in its Roadmap blog that they will release Class-Specific Crystal soon that will 2 classes. For example, it might be just tech or mutant: It will guarantee only Tech or Mutant champs.
      Third Option: Complete Abyss 100% and get Tech Class from the selector and it has more chances.

      All the other option (apart from Abyss) still gives you rare chance to get Ghost. šŸ˜‰

  4. Hello, we got letter from kabam team couple weeks ago about 5* crystal update. That there will be some chance to get nexus crystal then opening 5* basic. Am I correct? Where can I find more info about that? Thanks for response.

    1. Author

      No. Nexus chance is available for only Premium Hero Crystal, Grandmaster Crystal, and Cavalier Crystal (Basic and Featured). NO Nexus chance on 3/4/5/6 star hero crystal from basic or featured.

  5. Now that Wolverine is out of the featured crystal pool, will he be added to the basic pool? The only way to get him currently seems to be the incursions crystal – at which we have just two shots.


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