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5-Star Heroes Crystal – Base Pool (March 2021 Updated)

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The base pool includes so many 5-star heroes and villains that increase your chances to pull too many craps. If you are looking for Specific Class Champions, it’s always good to open those that daily updates on the basis of class. However, the base crystal costs only 10,000 shards compared to 15,000 shards for the featured crystal.

Cost: 10,000 five-star hero crystal shards

List of all heroes and villains available in 5-star Basic Hero Crystal


Upcoming Champions

Abomination (Immortal) April 06
Spider-Ham April 20
Jubilee May 25
Stryfe June 08
Psycho-Man June 22
Super Skrull July 06
Mangog July 20
Odin Aug 03