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Who are the XL, L, M and S Champions to be used in Back Issue #2?

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Back Issue #2: Mystery in the Micro-Realms! is about to launch today. Back Issue #2 will not force you to use a specific class of champions, but champion size will matter. Using XL champs will benefit you. You will have to know the size of your champions to play better in the Back Issue #2 event quest.

List of All Extra Large (XL), Large(L), Medium(M), and Small Champions

Champion size

XL Size Champions (Champions tagged as #XL)

AbominationCull ObsidianDormammu
GrootHulkHulk Ragnarok
HulkbusterJoe FixitJuggernaut
King GrootKingpinMODOK
MojoRed HulkRhino
VenomVenom the DuckVenompool

L Size Champions (Champions tagged as #L)

HeimdallHoward the DuckHyperion
KorgLuke CageMan-Thing
Mister SinisterMorningstarOmega Red
The ChampionThorThor Ragnarok
UltronUnst. Colossus

M Size Champions (Champions tagged as #M)

ÆgonAgent VenomAnnihilus
Ant-ManArchangelBlack Bolt
Black PantherBlack Panther (CW)Blade
Captain America
(All Versions)
CarnageCivil Warrior
Corvus GlaiveCyclops (Both)Daredevil (Both)
(All Versions)
Doctor DoomDoctor OctopusDoctore Strange
Doctor VoodooEbony MawFalcon
GambitGhost RiderGoldpool
Green GoblinHavokHawkeye
Human TorchIcemanIron-Man
(All Versions)
Iron PatriotKangKarnak
Magneto (Both)MasacreMephisto
Muster FantasticMoon KnightMordo
MysterioNamorNick Fury
Night ThrasherNight CrawlerNova
Old-Man LoganPunisher 2099Red Skull
RoninSentrySilver Surfer
Star-LordSunspotSuperior IronMan
Symbiote SupremeTaskmasterThe Hood
Iron Man (Classic)Vision (both)Void
VultureWar MachineWinter Soldier

S Size Champions (Champions tagged as #S)

AngelaBlack Widow (Both)Captain Marvel
Elsa BloodstoneEmma FrostGamora
GhostGuillotineGuillotine 2099
HelaInvisible WomanIron Fist (Both)
MagikMedusaMs. Marvel
Ms. Marvel
(Kamala Khan)
Proxima MidnightPsylockeQuake
Rocket RaccoonScarlet Witch Gwenpool
(All Versions)
Squirrel GirlStorm
Thor (Jane Foster)WaspWolverine (X-23)

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