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Before we go-ahead to talk about the Champions who can gain power. Let me first tell you what is Polka Dot Node.¬†Polka Dot Node¬†doesn’t let you generate any power by landing or receiving hits. You generate 12% of a bar of power per second while the opponent is suffering from damaging Debuffs. But, you can still generate power while using some champs. Watch this video.

If you are still confusing, let me explain.

Who can generate Power on Polka Dot Node (Also Useful for Alliance War Node 53)

1. Those who can apply damaging Debuffs

Any champion who can apply damaging debuffs gains 12% of a bar of power per second.
Note: Some debuffs do damages but still not considered as damaging debuffs because those are passive: e.g. Void’s Debuffs, Humar Torch’s Nova Debuffs.

2. Those Gain Power

All Champions who gain power will still generate power (only from power gain) whether they are applying damaging debuffs or not. There are many such champions, e.g. Hyperion, Vision Aarkus, Havok, Vision Classic, Sorcerer Supreme, Symbiote Supreme, Doctore Strange, Dragon Man, etc.

3. Ghost (Duped)

Awaken Ghost has the ability to generate power whenever she causes the opponent to miss an attack. So she would still generate power from this ability.

4. Domino

Domino gains power whenever she performs a perfect block (the one that causes 0 damage). However, you cannot use Domino to generate power by this ability in AW on Node 53 because of the Stunning Reflection Node.

5. MD Mastery (Power From Nullification or Buff Expiry)

If you are using Mystic Dispersion (MD) Mastery, your mystic champions gain power whenever they nullify a buff from the opponent or when the buff on the opponent expires.

6. Black Widow Claire Voyant

Whenever She or the opponent is immune to a debuff Claire Voyant tries to apply, she will gain power from her basic ability.

7. Nebula, Sentinel, Warlock, Darkhawk, and Guillotine 2099

Condition: There must be at least 2 of the champs mentioned in the team where Guillotine 2099 is mandatory to include

They will gain 70% of a bar of power each time an immunity prevents debuffs on them. Goes on cooldown for 12 seconds.

There might be more ways to gain power. If you know, let me know.