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Sentinel is known for its armor and physical resistance that will surely take a lot of effort to knock him down if you do not have a right champ or at least a champ that can break armor.


  • Biohazard Node: Chance to Inflict Bleed Degen if you hit. A chance to get Poison Degen if you hit the block.
  • Arc Overload: Heals 25% of max health every 20 secs and also increases armor rating by 25% that lasts 6 secs.
  • Bubble Shield: After 10 Block Hits 11th hit is unblockable.

Mind the unblockable or you are gone.

  • Prey on the weak: Gain Power when your champ’s beneficial effect expires.
  • Special Delivery: You must use a Special attack every 15 hits. If you fail to use special, you will degen 100% of Defenders attack as direct damage
  • Combo Party: Every 10 hits combo, you get cruelty buff. If you lose combo, you degen 40% of the attacker’s attack as direct damage.

Apart from all the above challenges, Sentinel is a challenge himself. After 100 analysis charges his special attack costs only half of the power and all special attacks go unblockable. He also holds a special attack, so you are likely to sit in the corner.

No Iceman Please: Tried with my R4 Iceman and he could damage only 20% after over 180 hits.

Top Champs to Face Miniboss Sentinel of Act 6.1.2

  1. Corvus Glaive: Don’t forget to do a few fights before Sentinel using Corvus Glaive before you fight Sentinel. This will help him complete missions and increase damage for the next fight.
  1. Luke Cage: He is not Poison immune, but bleed only. However, he kills Sentinel quite fast. Just don’t hit his block and you are good.
  2. Ghost: Ghost hot harder and takes no damage while phasing. So when you are inflicted by Bleed or poison. Just dash back.
  3. Quake: If you are good with Quake, she can kill Sentinel without a touch. So she doesn’t need to be immune. She can also shit down regen.
  4. Sentinel: Special 1 attack inflicts Heal Block + Armor Break, and he is also double immune. With 100 charges, you can do some great damage. After you have 100 charges, the special attacks will cost half power and you can also manage to use L2. L2 does a great amount of damage.
  5. Medusa: She is a bad choice for Biohazard, but if you got none of the above champs, Medusa’s armor shatter can help you kill Sentinel Quickly and can also shut down his regen.
  6. Void: Void is also not a great option, but he can reverse the healing effect and help you kill Sentinel. In my case, an R5 Void did 50% damage. Not a good option, but I got none of the above champs.
  7. Hyperion: Parry — Heavy — L2… An R5 Void might get Sentinel Before he dies of degen. Depends of how soon you get caught by Bleed or Poison degen.