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Terrax (Uncollected): How to Defeat and Top Counters

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Terrax is the new champ that has been introduced this month and he is the boss of the last chapter. Mole Man is pretty easy as long as you don’t hit his block, but Terrax could be very painful if you don’t know his ability.

The Local Node That Makes Terrax More Annoying

  • Going far will give him Power Gain buff
  • Being close will give you weakness debuff every 3 seconds reducing your attack by 10% permanently. It goes away gradually if you can stay away (but then you will give him power gain).

Terrax Feature (energy damage caused by rock field and when it expires)

  • Terrex will always start the fight with Rock Field enabled. When it is enabled, Terrax will deal energy damage when the attacker is close to him.
  • His Special attack costs zero power and activates rock field (if not already enabled), but his power will drain to zero after the special attack and during this time, the rock field will be active. Once Power Bar reaches 0, rock field will disappear.

Terrax (Uncollected) Top Counters

  • Domino + Hulk + Masacre Synergy
  • Anyone that can prevent him from using Special by locking or draining power. (At the start wait for the power bar to reach zero and then rock field will disappear)

How to Defeat Uncollected Terrax

Here is a video made by Jason Voorhees. This video is very informative to help you understand his mechanism. Once you know how his ability works, you can easily defeat him.

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