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TARGET to get your KEYCARD (Solo Objective)

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This page will have the Target updated for each day and also possible duel Target or Quest detail to fight that target to get the Keycard.

29th AprilDraxepic over kill
30th AprilSunspotCowhale
1st MaySabretoothKenan..39
2nd MayWolverineTHG dread
3rd MaySpiderman (Stark)Aciro
4th MayDeadpoolDeadPoolX-~1
5th MayHoodHood 123456789
6th MayRonanRonanzzz~1
7th MayDiabloxXBig-KillerXx
8th MayMordoJustlysane
9th MayNick FuryNick fyri
10th MayThor RagnarokFury
11th MayGuillotine 2099qtkhreou
12th MayRed HulkNein
13th MayIron ManStark7
14th MayGhostGhosTR
15th MayVision (Age of Ultron)Yep 318
16th MayBlack Widow (Claire Voyant(Clair23
17th MayRoninRonin  Hawakya
(2 Spaces after Ronin)
18th MayBlack WidowBlack Wido~24
19th MayPunisher 2099All Bad 32
20th MayMs. Marvel (Kamala Khan)Kamala Khan~6
21st MayÆgonone eye king
22nd MayKillongerAsb
23rd MayVultureVega 215
24th MayYellow Jacketttt
25th MayKingpinHHH 12345
26th MayBlack Widow (Deadly Origin)Camilaxx
27th MayRed Skullttt 2
28th MayElectroPink pig
29th MayUnstoppable ColossusTIC 05
30th MayColossuscolosus
31 MayOmega RedOmegaRed1983
1sth JuneMagikmagic
2nd JuneRed GuardianCX10000GR