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Summer of Pain FAQs

  1. Q: Who is eligible to Participate?
    A: Anyone who has received cavalier title completing Act 6.1 chapter. But, there is a catch, reach question number 5 below.
  2. Q: How long Summer of Pain event will last?
    A: Each week new fights for 9 Weeks. The final fight will go live on August 18 that will last 2 weeks.
  3. Q: Why there are no rewards for completion or How do I see the rewards I can get?
    A: Yes, you get no rewards for completion except 1 gold. However, you can see all the rewards you can get Under Solo Event. That appears as milestones.
  4. Q: Can I get all the rewards that are under solo milestones?
    A: No, you are eligible for only 1 set of rewards depending on how far you go. For example, you reached #4 milestone, then you can get a 6-star Nexus Crystal and a 25% Tier 5 Class Catalyst selector. You won’t get those rewards that appear under 3, 2, and 1 milestones.
  5. Q: How many Milestones can I achieve?
    A: Thronebreaker Player: All of them if you can defeat all 9 bosses and also complete the special solo objective that will be given from 4th week. It will add additional difficulty that will make defeating the boss even harder
         Cavalier Players: You can reach a maximum of #6 milestones because you are not eligible to participate in the Special solo objective that will be given from the 4th week.


Important Question: Is it just 9-week quests fighting 1 defender each week?
Answer: Yes, Kabam just confirmed. 9th week is the final week for the summer of pain to get you all milestone rewards. The chapter you see in the image below with many defenders is a separate quest. It will have separate objectives and separate rewards

Summer of Pain
Image: MCOCTrucos

If you have more questions that you want to ask, feel free to mention them in the comment section below (at the end of this post).

Let’s talk about weekly bosses and counters.

Week 9 – Ghost

What are the best counters?

Things to know:

  • She is Stun-Immune
  • Whenever she dashes back, she applies to falter
  • If you do any damage while you have to falter debuff on, it will deal damage back to you
  • Nullify ability doesn’t work
  • Spite node gives her power gain when you have a buff on

What are the Top Counters

Thronebreaker players have the following objectives:

  1. Defeat using a #Metal + #Villain Champion
  2. Defeat using a Mystic Champion
  3. Defeat using an #Mercenary champion

Tip: Works better when you have dexterity mastery off.

Doctor Doom (#Metal + #Villain and Mystic) – 2 Objectives done.

The safest way: Turn off dexterity to avoid spite node, never use special 3 attacks (It’s almost no use anyway. Because she is stun-immune and till the time you manage to avoid falter, the fury buff will go away).

Domino (#Mercenary)

Unduped domino is better for this fight because Critical Failure will damage back to you when you have faltered on. However, it doesn’t mean Duped Dimono cannot solo. Here is a fight with duped Domino.

Black Widow Deadly Origin (#Mercenary)

This was the fastest way to solo. He shock does great work. Spam Special 2 while Ghost has shocked and you have Widow Insight active.

Tigra (Mystic)

Magik (Mystic)

Sentinel (#Metal + #Villain)

Black Widow CV(Mystic)

Hit Monkey (#Mercenary)


Who Else Can You Use?

Pretty Much anyone: This fight doesn’t really need any specific champion. It actually needs you to get rid of your normal playstyle for some time. Don’t dash in! Bait heavy and specials and you are good to solo.