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I know Kabam does some bad shit that annoys summoners. Just like they did this Month in the MODOK store limiting 5-star shards and signatures to the Cavalier only. However, we are here to talk about Bad War Match up.

What does Kabam consider while finding a War Match?

Short Answer: Your War Rating.

If you mail Kabam and ask, they might talk about too many things that they consider while finding a War Matching, but I doubt it.

Here is an example of the recent Complaint I saw on Forum About War Matchmaking

2BG Ally

The guy on the forum asking for an explanation about getting wrong matchmaking. If something seems wrong, comment to let us know.

War Rating: 2993
Current Season Rating: Platinum 4 (P4)

According to War Rating, the alliance should be playing P2 I think. You cannot complain about being getting bad Matchup because War rating is what the system considers while finding matching and this is the best way to find matches.

This alliance must have done pretty well in previous seasons. Since Kabam freezes War rating changes during the off-season, so your war rating just increases if you don’t want to lose during the season. This sounds unfair, but it is fair enough. We abused this in the past and tried losing war knowingly during the off-season. It gives an opportunity to some struggling alliances to get good season rewards.

The solution that is hard to accept:

Don’t be shy to lose some wars unless you are don’t need Tier 5 Basic (T5B) Catalyst. It will decrease the war rating and give you some relief. If you spend the whole Glory Earned from Alliance Quest on Alliance War to stay in P4, it isn’t worth it. Lose some war, go easy on you. Spend those glory to buy T5B. I have played in Alliance that played just six paths to clear Boss and save items. We started P2 and ended P4.

The solution given above may not work for all. But, you need to compare the season rewards vs glory/units spent on war and justify if spending makes sense. Your priority matters. If you are done with Act 6 and Abyss and got stash-full of T5B, then you should probably be playing High-Tier AW and won’t mind spending all Glory to War, because you would be chasing 6-star Shards and T5CC.

Kabam is also going to buff rewards from next season. So this is another reason to go easy this war to lower your Alliance War Rating and then you can start strong next season.