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Node 21 makes Thing the best defender to be placed because he is most likely to use Special 3 and you cannot hit more than 15 times as he will go unstoppable because of those rock stacks.

Top Thing Counters (When placed on Node 21 in AW)


Quake doesn’t need to hit to kill. You can finish Thing without a hit. You just need to be an expert in using her because the first few seconds you cannot stun him because of the Fistful node.

Spiderman (Stark Enhanced)

Gain 10 charges as soon as you can and don’t get cornered. Try not to first few seconds until the Fistful timer passes as you cannot apply taunt during this time. Always try to taunt and bait special and this can do the trick.

Killmonger with Human Torch Synergy

Killmonger’s critical hits have a 100% chance to inflict bleed when you have Human Torch in the team. This will keep the rock stack lower. Use Special 2 to keep the indestructible charges on. He can handle many Special 3 this way.

Black Widow Claire Voyant (Duped)

She starts with 3 charges and each heavy will give you 3 more charges and 12% of her max power along with the power that a champion usually gets from heavy attack, and Thing will not get ant rock stack instead remove if he has some. That means using 6 to 7 heavy will give her 3 bar of power. Use Special 3 when 20 charges are ready and she will gain death touch that will last 24 seconds. Make sure you use Special 3 when Thing has Special 3 ready. She won’t die when Death touch is enabled, instead she will regenerate some health depending on the amount of signature.


Heavy attack makes bleed that will help to keep the rock stack low. You only need to use heavy and Special 1 or Special 3. Try to do lots of parries to inflict infection faster. Use special 1 only when the infection is applied, else his power won’t be drained. You can also use Special 3, but remember to keep the infection on to drain his power (Note: keep an eye on his health. Most of the people use healing mastery, so even a little regeneration drains the power when the infection is on and it will not even let Thing regenerate health). Applying infection is key. Watch this video to understand how to fight: