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Kabam has brought a side quest, special arena, gifting, and other solo events. You also have some solo special milestones to take care of. These milestones contain ISO-8 that you can use to rank your champions and Self Love Boost that can be used on romance champions  (to gain power).

solo milestone

King or Jester Jeering

This requires you to Defeat Black Panther or Deadpool 15 Times using Psycho-Man. Black Panther Civil War also counts as Black Panther Here is where you can find them:

Find in Duel Targets

Black Panther Black pa
Deadpool Dead poo~14

Find in Quests

Black Panther ACT 1.4.4  (2-Energy)

Fantastic Fears

Use Psycho-Man to defeat Fantastic Founr Champions: Mister Fantastic or Invisible Woman or Thing or Human Torch.

Find in Duel Targets

Invisible Woman Invis1ble

Find in Quests

Mister Fantastic ACT 1.4.1  (7-Energy)

Inhuman Hatred

Defeat Inhuman Champions using Psycho-Man: Medusa, Quake, Karnak, Kamala Khan, and Black Bolt

Find in Duel Targets

Black Bolt Bolt boy~5
Karnak Karnak 01

Find in Quests

Quake ACT 1.4.1  (1-Energy)
Medusa ACT 1.4.2  (2-Energy)