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Contest Down for Emergency Maintenance

Recent Bugs have brought many changes in the Marvel Contest of Champions game. This week’s AQ, AW, and even Solo/Alliance events were a complete mess. Kabam also had to cancel Sasquatch Arena and re-run Deadpool X-Force Arena. Let’s have a look at all the changes.

What changes have been made by Kabam after the recent bugs

—> Another re-run of Deadpool X-Force Featured and Nova Basic Hero Arena that will overlap with Sunday Crystal Arenas.

—> Sasquatch Arena have been pushed little further that is planned to start on Monday (27th July)

—> War Cancelation: 7th War, 8th War, and 9th War will have no effect on scoring or ranking in Season 19. Those 3 wars are canceled.

—> War Season Reward Requirement: You only need to participate in 2 wars (that usually is 5) to be eligible for Season Rewards.

–> Every summoner has also received 120 Tickets because of the AQ Bugs that making members pay Tickets even when they are not supposed to pay.

When Will Kabam Compensate Summoners for the Recent Bugs?

Kabam has not given an exact date when they are going to compensate, but they have promised to provide compensation for these bugs. The detail on the compensation will be announced by late next week (probably by 31st July). Please note that the announcement talks about the detail on compensation, not the date when you receive the compensation.

Compensation Update

We know this is certainly very annoying when all the bugs stop you from playing the game like you used to play. However, let’s not spam the official forum by repeating the same thing or creating the thread with the same questions when Kabam has already answered those. So many people keep creating new threads asking when compensation will be given. Any compensation is given only when the issue is completely resolved.