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We all know that top tier alliances lose the wars off-season deliberately to decrease the war rating. This helps to make a good start during war season as you get easy competitors. However, Kabam learned this and decided not to let top tier Alliances cheat. It doesn’t end here. There is a little change for low-tier alliances too. Let’s know what changes Kabam has brought.

When will the New Alliance War Season (AW Season 11) Start?

Alliance War Season 11 will start on 31st July. However, please keep in mind that Kabam delays sometimes, so stay tuned and we will update if there is any change.

What Kabam did to stop the War Rating Cheat?

  • Tier 1 to 5 Alliances

The war rating for Tier 1 through Tier 5 alliances will remain locked until the off-season. That means whether you lose or win, the war rating will remain as it is. This way alliances will get a fair start during the upcoming war season.

  • Tier 6 to 9 Alliances

The war rating for Tier 6 through 9 alliances will not be locked, but the amount of rating that decreases or increases will be reduced.