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Summoner Sigil FAQ


What is Summoner Sigil or Monthly VIP Subscription?

Summoner Sigil is a monthly VIP subscription-based service that unlocks many rewards and gives you access to some exclusive content.

When Will Summoner Sigil Start?

It starts from the First week of August right after Marvel Contest of Champions game is updated to the version v24.1

Who can Participate?

All Level 10+ summoners. If you are still at a lower level, you can participate after you go Level 10+.

What is the Subscription Fee?

$9.99 every 30 days.

Is there any Free Trial Available?

Yes, all the summoners at Level 10+ will get 7-day free trial automatically right after the app is updated to Version 24.1 in the early August 2019.

What Benefits Will You Get After Subscribing to Summoner Sigil?

  • 20% XP Boost:

Ignore this befit if you are already at Level 60. If you are at lower levels, it will help you reach the next level 20% faster.

  • Faster Energy Refill:

You will get 1 energy every 5 minutes that you usually get every 6 minutes.

  • A New Title:

You will be awarded a new Title “Summoner Supreme.” If you want to get fancy and show off to other summoners that you pay a subscription. LOL!

  • 25% increase capacity for your inventory:

You will be able to store 25% more items after you subscribe to Summoner Sigil.

  • Weekly Golden Circle Quest (To Get Gold):

Gold Quest Will be available in 5 Difficulties and You will be allowed to Play One Difficulty depending on your current progress. It will not cost any energy and you will fight just one opponent (Goldpool).

Beginner 20,000 Gold
Challenger 25,000 Gold
Contender 35,000 Gold
Proven 50, 000 Gold
Conqueror 75,000 Gold
Uncollected 100,000 Gold
Cavalier 125,000 Gold
  • Exclusive Solo Events Every Week for Sigil Subscribers:

Solo events will get your rewards as you achieve milestones. It will reset every week. Here is the list of rewards you will get.

Note: Rewards listed in the chart is a weekly basis as Kabam already said on the forum you can get 300 units during your 30days of Sigil Subscription. It clearly means all rewards need to be multiplied with 4 to calculate the rewards you will get during your Sigil Subscription period. You cannot achieve milestones of all difficulties, but just one and that will be decided by your current game progress.

solo objectives
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  • Access to Black ISO Market:

Black ISO Market will allow you to exchange your shards and catalyst to get something better one. Some items can also be bought with units. Here is the complete list:

Note: Item Limit Will Refresh Every 2 Weeks. The Items marked with * will refresh every 5 days

Black ISO Market

Is it worth to Subscribe to Summoner Sigil?

If you already spend money on Marvel Contest of Champions game, it is certainly worth. You get 300 Units during Sigil Subscription period after achieving all milestones. Current Star-Lord’s Loot Bag already costs $9.99 that gives you 275 units only. On top of that, many golds, shards and so on…

If you don’t spend money on MCOC, you better not get addicted.