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January 2021 Calendar for Contest of Champions

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January 2021 Schedule

All the schedules mentioned below are the usual ones that Kabam every month does, any sudden change might affect them.


Catalysts Arena

T4 Class Catalyst Jan 02 to Jan 04
T1 Alpha Catalyst Jan 05 to Jan 07
T4 Basic Catalyst Jan 08 to Jan 10
T4 Class Catalyst Jan 11 to Jan 13
T1 Alpha Catalyst Jan 14 to Jan 16
T4 Basic Catalyst Jan 17 to Jan 19
T4 Class Catalyst Jan 20 to Jan 22
T1 Alpha Catalyst Jan 23 to Jan 25
T4 Basic Catalyst Jan 26 to Jan 28
T4 Class Catalyst Jan 29 to Jan 31

Regular Catalyst Even Quests

Monday Mutant
Tuesday Skill
Wednesday Science
Thursday Mystic
Friday Cosmic
Saturday Tech
Sunday Mixed (Random)

Alliance Quest

Jan 04 to Jan 09
Jan 12 to Jan 17
Jan 20 to Jan 25
Jan 28 to Feb 02

Alliance War Update

  • Alliance War Season 23 Ends: January 19
  • Alliance War Season 24 Starts: February 03

3-Day Events

Arena Wins Jan 02 to Jan 05
Completion Jan 05 to Jan 08
Team Use (X-Men) Jan 08 to Jan 11
Item Use Jan 11 to Jan 14
Arena Wins Jan 14 to Jan 17
Completion Jan 17 to Jan 20
Team Use (Avengers) Jan 20 to Jan 23
Item Use Jan 23 to Jan 26
Arena Wins Jan 26 to Jan 29
Completion Jan 29 to Feb 01

Summoner Advancement

It’s a weekly event and runs every week without any gap.

Basic Arena Schedule for December

Click Here to See the Arena Schedule as we already have it on a separate page.