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Non-Contact and Projectile hits are very useful in many cases. There are nodes in Alliance Quest Map 7 (Known as Pull!) that get benefits from non-contact-based hits. There are also some nodes in Alliance War (Psychic Thorn) that help you regenerate health making non-contact-based attacks. It is also helpful to avoid some thorn damage. Non-Contact or Projectile hits don’t take damage back while hitting Korg, Electro, or Killmonger. So we are here to discuss those champions that don’t make contact while hitting. There is no champion with all projectile hits. It’s just some hits of them do not make contact that we are going to mention.

Non Contact Hits

Note: Stryfe and Omega Red are missing in the image. I have mentioned him in the table below.

List of Champions With Projectile Based Basic Hits? AKA List Of Champions that don’t Take Damage Back from Electro.

Champions Non-Contact Hits
Bishop Heavy (Partial)
Black Widow Deadly Origin Heavy (Partial)
Ebony Maw Heavy (Partial)
Domino Heavy (Partial)
Medium (Partial)
1st Light
Dragon Man Heavy
Ebony Maw Medium
2nd, 3rd, and 4th light
Elsa Bloodstone 4th Light
Last Medium
Havok Heavy
4th Light
Iron Man Infinity War 1st Medium
2nd Light
4th Light
Heavy (Partial)
Jubilee Heavy
Mojo Heavy
Mysterio 4th Light
 Nova Medium
Omega Red Heavy
Professor X  Last Medium
All Light Attacks
Red Goblin Heavy (Partial)
Sorcerer Supreme Heavy
Spider (Stealth Suit) 1st Light
4th Light
Heavy (Partial)
Stryfe Medium
Yondu 1st Light
3rd Light
Heavy (Partial)