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What is Slow Debuff

Before we go ahead and tell the name of the champions, we would first want to explain what this debuff can do.

Once slow debuff is applied, it stops evade and unstoppable. A champion that has slow debuff applied cannot evade any attack. Slow debuff prevents unstoppable debuff. If the opponent is unstoppable and you apply the slow debuff, it will immediately remove unstoppable. One thing to keep in mind: Slow Debuff cannot be applied on any opponent that has a natural class advantage. For example, Sorcerer Supreme cannot apply a slow debuff on Spider-Gwen or any other science champion.

Who Can Apply Slow Debuff in MCOC

Champion How?
Jubilee Special 1
Purgatory Skill Soul: Applies slow debuff if damage overtime debuff is purified, prevented, or failed
Red Guardian Special 1
(heavy attack refreshed timer)
She-Hulk Heavy
Silver Centurion Heavy
Sorcerer Supreme Special Attacks
(Runes of Ikonn)
Spider-Gwen Heavy
Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) Select Web-Foam Prefight
applies on 4th light attack
(Must have Web Cartridge)
Yellowjacket Heavy
(Spend 10 core charges)

Synergy Based: Black Widow Synergy with Sunspot, Human Torch, and Mephisto: Whenever an opponent is immune to Incinerate Debuff, it will apply the slow debuff.

It is quite possible that I missed someone to list. Please let us know in the comment section below if this is the case.