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This month’s event quest has already confused many people and they have made a mess wasting their Ravens Feather. You have to follow these steps to play this month’s Side Quest.

Follow these steps in this order If you are Uncollected and Above


–> Collect the items you received via in-game mail.

Purchase Casket in Correct Order: Get Casket 1, then 2, then 3….. Out of order will not unlock relevant quest.

–> Go to Store, select Odin’s Armory. and but Casket of Ancient (1 to 5). 1 to 5 means buy the first 5 caskets (these are the only unlocked caskets for now).

–> Now go to Side Quest and Play Tier 6 side quest 5 times. You can’t play them all in a day, have to wait to get more Ravens Feather,

–> Then go to Store again and get Tier Casket of Ancient Winters 6

–> Now play Tier 7 Side Quest 6 times

–> Then go to Store again and buy Casket 7

–> Play tier 8 Sidequest 7 times

–> Go to Store get Casket 8

–> Play tier 9 side quest 10 times

–> Go to Store and get Casket 9

–> Play Tier 10 Side quest 7 times