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How to Fight Red Guardian in Black Widow Red Down EQ

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Red Guardian is the Boss in the Final Chapter on this month’s Event Quest. He doesn’t need any specific counter to fight, but a little strategy and understanding of his mechanism. Once you learn his mechanism, you can fight him easily.

Things to know about Red Guardian to prevent you from dying. 

  • Red Guardian Starts the Fight with 10 Shield Charges in this Uncollected event.
  • Each Medium, Light, and Special attack reduces it by 1. Each Block Hit also reduces one charge.
  • When all the Shield Charges are gone, the attacker receives stun debuff. (That’s probably the end of the fight).

The Node that Makes it Little Difficult

  • Mighty Chase:- You can’t parry Red Guardian while he is dashing towards you.

How to Fight Red Guardian

Method 1:

  • Keep an eye on the Shield Charges and Don’t let it go below 1 charge.
  • When Red Guardian has 1 charge left, use Special attack. It will remove that 1 charge and break his shield temporarily without stunning you.
  • Keep Repeating until he is dead.

Method 2 (Block and Use Heavy):

  • Heavy attacks don’t remove any shield charge. So if you just use heavy and special attacks, you won’t even have to worry about those charges.
  • You can also intercept Special 1 with heavy. Watch the video posted in the Method 3 section.

Method 3 (Reparry Trick):

About Reparry:- Just tend to Parry the first hit that you cannot actually parry because of Mighty Chase node. Then release the finger for a fraction of second then block immediately and that will cause parry. It might take some practice.

Watch 3-star Captain America IW taking Uncollected Red Guardian Down

Method 4 (Bypass Stun):

Use a champion that can bypass or shrug of stun.

  • Captain America Infinity War with Skill Synergy:- Make sure that he has at least 1 kinetic charge when Red Guardian is about to lose all shield charges.
  • Iceman:- Make sure Iceman has his Ice Armor active when Red Guardian loses all shield charges.
  • Emma Frost:- Make sure Emma frost is in her diamond form when Red Guardian loses all his charges.
  • Nick Fury:- Nick Fury is immune to stun when Life Model Decoy triggers.

You can even do uncollected with 4-star champions

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