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How to Fight No Retreat Node in Act 6

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Kabam is releasing Act 6 Chapter 1 today. Some of the content creators has got early access and shared tips to clear. The new Act 6 Chapter comes with Retreat Node that is very annoying to deal with.

What is Retreat Node in Act 6 Chapters?

When the attacker dashes back they gain Degen Timer for 1.20 seconds. Dashing back again while the Degen Time is action cause a passive Degen dealing 200% of the Defender’s Attack as direct damage over 5 seconds

So even if you have a 5-star R5 Blade that regenerates a lot of health will die in 5 secs if you retreat again when the Degen timer is active. You need to get used to it before you start completing paths, else it will cost you more than your estimation. Just watched a video created by Dorky that I want to share with your guys that talk about how you can fight retreat Node in Act 6.

How to fight retreat Nodes in Act 6 Chapter 1

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