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Greater Gifting crystals include almost all the top rewards that you may want (Except those Tier 5 Class Catalyst). You can get Tier 5 Basic, 6-star shards, 5-star shards, awakening gem, and so on…

I know some of us may not afford to open just a few, but here are a few videos with the crazy opening.

1. COWhale opens 500 Greater Gifting Crystals (GGC)

2. Pep1000 opens 200 GCC


3. Seatin Opens 90 in 3 different Videos

Video 1: 25 GCC Opening

 Video 2: 30 GCC Opening

Video 3: Opening 30 again


4. Pennywise’s goes for 64 GCC

5. Moedollers opens 51 GCC