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Kabam has pushed a side quest along with a monthly event quest that comes with some tricky method to enter that we will talk about.

What are the Requirements to Enter Red Room OPS and Red Rift?

Red Room OPS – You need a Keycard
Red Rift- You need a RIFT Detector. It is available in different tier and you will need to spend Intels that you get from Red Room OPS to buy those Rift Detector from the store

How to Get Keycard and How many can I get?

  • You can get 1 Keycard each day, total of 35 in until the monthly event quest ends.
  • How to get Keycard:- Check the solo event section (Refreshes 10 AM PDT every day) that will give you a hint to find a target. For example, It may say that the target is in chapter 1 quest 1. So anyone in that chapter could be the target that you will have to find on your own. Defeat that target to get the Key. If you are too lazy to find, just ask someone who has already found it. Once you know the target, You can defeat him/her anywhere (even in dual-target, arena, or any quest).

How many Intels can I collect throughout the period of monthly EQ?

You can earn Intels from the RED OPSĀ room only that is available in 4 difficulties. All the difficulties use the same Keycard. So make sure you enter the right one. Even the Epic Room needs you to use just 2-star champions that is doable by most of the players. It shows a higher champions rating requirement. Just ignore them.

  • Epic- 258 each completion (Total 9030 Intels in 35 days)
  • Master- 220 each completion (Total 7700 Intels in 35 days)
  • Heroic- 95 each completion (Total 3325 Intels in 35 days)
  • Normal- 43 each completion (1505 Intels in 35 days)

What can you buy with earned Intels?

You can buy Dimensional Chronometer and/or Rift Detector.


  • Each Chronometer Bundle includes 1 Rift Detector. Dimensional Chronometer is only to unlock the special gate, so you will always that Rift Detector to enter the room.
  • If you don’t want Dimensional Chronometer, it’s okay. You can only get Rift Detectors and Enter Random Rooms.

Here is what you can buy.

Epic (with 9030 Intels)

  • Either 18 Tier 4 Rift Detector
  • OR 1 Tier 4 Chronometer Bundle + 12 Tier 4 Rift Detector.

Master (with 7700 Intels)

  • Either 22 Tier 3 Rift Detector
  • OR 1 Tier 3 Chronometer Bundle + 16 Tier 3 Rift Detector.

Heroic (with 3325 Intels)

  • Either 22 Tier 2 Rift Detector
  • OR 1 Tier 2 Chronometer Bundle + 16 Tier 2 Rift Detector.

Normal (with 1505 Intels)

  • Either 22 Tier 1 Rift Detector
  • OR 1 Tier 1 Chronometer Bundle + 20 Tier 2 Rift Detector.

What are the rewards?