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contest of realm

This month’s side quest needs a House of Keys Key every time you want to enter. The Side Quest (Contest of Realms) is available in 4 difficulties. You can only collect one key each day to enter any difficulty you like. Once used, the side quest will be locked. You can repeat the same thing every day. If you don’t want to do one run each day, you can simply collect keys and store them and do all runs in a day or every week as long as you have the key.

How do you collect a House of Keys Key?

Every day you are given a target to defeat. Once defeated, you can claim the key. The target can be defeated in the quest, arena, or duel target.

How to Know Who is The Target?

We will put the target every day on this page before 11:59 AM PST. So if you come to this page after 12, you will surely get to know the daily target.

Note: Sometimes daily target may not show up, you have to refresh the page a couple of times (2 times max). This may happen due to stored cache within the browser.

Daily Solo Targets

Day 1: April 7 (The Strange Recruiter)

Target: Mordo

Easy Mordo is god
Hard Mordo

Day 2: April 8 (“The Lean, Green, Lawyer Machine”)

Target: She-Hulk

Easy 344123456
Hard She-Hulk

Day 3: April 9 (The Superior Metal Suited Man)

Target: Superior Iron Man

Easy IRONMAN2791~1
Hard Superior Iron M

Day 4: April 10 (The Original Gwen of Contest of Champions)

Target: Spider-Gwen

Easy gwen1212

Day 5: April 11 (The Berserker Wildman of the Woods)

Target: Wolverine

Easy Wolverin 011
Hard Wolverine

Day 6: April 12 (The Bad Kitty)

Target: Killmonger

Easy KKG
Hard Killmonger

Day 7: April 13 (Cap’s Compadre)

Target: Winter Soldier

Easy Winter Soldier
Hard Winter Soldier

Day 8: April 14 (Steven)

Target: Doctor Strange

Easy Franzel 378
Hard PickleChips

Day 9: April 15 (The guy you don’t want to make angry)

Target: Hulk

Easy Mare fuori
Hard Hulk

Day 10: April 16 (The Tech Billionaire)

Target: Iron Man

Easy 008
Hard Iron Man

Day 11: April 17 (The Friendly Neighborhood Hero)

Target: Spider-Man

Easy spi
Hard Spider-Man

Day 12: April 18 (The Friendly Neighborhood Hero)

Target: Storm

Easy 004-6
Hard Storm

Day 13: April 19 (The Original Big Black Cat)

Target: Black Panther

Easy httbros
Hard BlackBird357

Day 14: April 20 (Bucky Barnes Bestie)

Target: Captain America

Easy captain
Hard firemike1786

Day 15: April 21 (The Strangest Symbiote)

Target: Symbiote Supreme

Easy Symbiote Thanh
Hard Symbiote Suprem

Day 16: April 22 (A friend from work)

Target: Hulk Ragnarok

Easy Gulk_29
Hard Hulk (Ragnarok)

Day 17: April 23 (The Man Who Enhanced Iron Man’s Suit)

Target: Hulk Ragnarok

Easy 447
Hard Iron Man (Infin

Day 18: April 24 (The Kid Who Saved the Spider-Verse)

Target: Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Easy Spiderman    39
(4 spaces after spiderman)
Hard Spider-Man (Mil

Day 19: April 25 (The One Who Leads the Horsemen)

Target: Apocalypse 

Easy 367
Hard Apocalypse

Day 20: April 26 (The More Civil Big Black Cat)

Target: Black Panther CW

Easy Blue
Hard Saddiq Moonbeam

Day 21: April 27 (The Guy Who Cracked Some Red Skull)

Target: Captain America WWII

Easy 4566
Hard Cata carta

Day 22: April 28 (The Blue Supreme)

Target: Sorcerer Supreme

Easy 76211
Hard Sorcerer Supreme

Day 23: April 29 (The Red Guy Who Can’t Die)

Target: Hulk (Immortal)

Easy 667
Hard Immortal Hulk

Day 24: April 30 (The Newest Tech Billionaire on the block)

Target: Silver Centurion

Easy Scrawny00
Hard Scrawny00

Day 25: May 01 (The New and Improved Neighborhood Hero)

Target: Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)

Easy 96345
Hard Spider-man (Sta

Day 26: May 02 (The Mutant Who Changes the Climate)

Target: Storm (Pyramid X)

Easy ImbecileBeanz
Hard Storm (Pyramid

Day 27: May 03 (The Cat most recently let out of the bag)

Target: Storm (Pyramid X)

Easy Chewpe V2
Hard France9

Day 28: May 04 (The man who can do this all day)

Target: Captain America (Infinity War)

Easy 2652576
Hard MROD1824