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Champion to Enter Contest in December with MCOC 22.0 Update?

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December is still far when Kabam will bring a new champ with 21.1 (that should actually be 22.0 update). However, whatever the version is, there is already a leaked image of the upcoming champion.

Source: Otriux | MCOCTRUCOS

So according to the leaked detail. “DarkHawk” will enter the contest in December that’s a tech champ. There is no other detail


  1. Hasn’t anyone else commented that the “leaked image” of the character is actually just a picture of the action figure?!?! I REALLY want Darkhawk to be true, but this is CLEARLY NOT a leaked pic of the playable character. Look closer.

    1. Author

      It actually looked like Archangel to me. LOL! I am not that bro to identify. However, I would also love him to enter the contest.


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