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There are lots of people who want to progress faster playing Marvel Contest of Champions game. If you are a new player, you are likely to look for some hacks and Bot software that can help you clear content faster.

The Working Hack that we have seen in the past

People have used Bot / Hack in the past that used to kill any champ in one hit, even LOL and ROL champs. So it was possible to explore any content even if you have a 1-star champion.

There was another Hack (Bot) that used to do arena for you and get points. There might be more hacks that we don’t even know.

The Spam Websites and Apps available on the Internet

You may find so many websites and even a few apps that claim to give you unlimited Gold, Battle Chips and even units by providing your game ID and email address. They tend to show the progress bar and some kind of coding to progress the hack request. You will be asked to complete a survey, in the end, to complete the hack request and give you what you entered. Every time you complete the Survey, it will show that it has not identified and you have to do another survey. This Survey thing goes on lifetime and you will keep getting this and the hack request will never complete.

The Consequence of using Hack or Bot (Should You Use It?)

The Hack software or Bot may make you feel great at the start that you are doing an amazing job, but it’s useless. You will be banned by Kabam eventually. There are 2 types of ban: Temporary and Permanent. The temporary Ban will last a few days but Kabam will remove all the rewards you earned by exploration and may even leave those explore quest as already explored. So you will lose the rewards you earned and you will never be able to get the rewards from those quests all your life.

The Permanent Ban is a ban for the lifetime. Once an account is banned permanently, you cannot get it unbanned even after requesting Kabam. The solution is to create a new account and play honestly.

I am not cooking up this Permanent or Temporary Account Ban thing. You should Google it before you believe me and You will know the truth. Everything mentioned in the article is true and Ban is real.

Cheating in The Alliance War and Consequence

The cheating here can be done using Bot, Hack, or Mod. The result will be the same as we mentioned above.


There is another method to cheat that even High Tier Alliances did in the past and might be doing now. In this scenario, some strong players are selected and all the members of the alliance share their account with them. Those strong players use all the accounts to log in and fight. Such cheats can be tracked by Kabam tracking the login IP of the players. However, it may also be impossible to track such cheat if the player uses VPN software or other apps to change the IP. Kabam cannot block someone on the basis of using VPN as using VPN is legal and Kabam is not supposed to force summoners to expose the real IP while playing the game. However, If Kabam tracks using the devices’ IMEI or other methods, that will put you in trouble for sure. The consequence of such cases are likely to trigger a permanent ban.


If you want to play Marvel Contest of Champions game for a long time and want to grow, the objective is to play honestly and do not abuse the usage policy. There is no quick way to bring yourself among top players unless you learn to play well. If you created an account just for fun and for a few days, do whatever you prefer to do.